Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 14th July 2006

Anouk saying "hello"

Hello everybody,

had a very busy day. The presentation in the morning was ok. Not too great but ok ( don't get a mark for it).

Went to do shopping with DSO. Got a bit stressed because it was so hot and I hadn't eaten anything.

Worked until 8 which was a bit stressy too because the Sale is starting tomorrow.

BUT: my DSO made wonderful dinner, so I am feeling much better. Going to bed soon.

Hope everybody is doing well.

Normy: I love the dog!!!

Have to work tomorrow and start learning for my test on Monday.

Good night!

TL - BE - 11 AM

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Norm's first BE 11.50am

Going on my course this weekend, so after today you won't be hearing from me until Sunday at the earliest.

Pro How did you get on with the report yesterday? Did you start it first, and use those tips that you posted from Boice?

Anouk Hope you have another great day today and get the linguistics homework and presentation cards done.

Gwen Did you have fun with the sketches? Did you contact your friend? (I had one like that to do yesterday - make contact with a friend about something awkward - I ~really~ didn't want to do it, but in the end I did. It's one of those situations where nothing I say will be right, sigh).

tl Enjoy chilling out! Don't forget us here - we want to here about rewards as well as struggles!

Normy Oh, that's me!

Didn't do my packing or planning yesterday so they are top priority for today. I've just heard the second workshop is cancelled (got a phone call whilst writing this post). In some ways it lets me off the hook for some of the planning, but it means loss of income, especially as I cancelled private classes to do it. I'm glad I won't be working for them after Monday. Still have the other workshop to finish off.

I'll do the packing now and BE when I'm done.

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good luck

Good luck on w/e course

thanks for posting and keeping us going :)

those $##@@!! reports I can't get done...

Normy wrote:
Pro How did you get on with the report yesterday? Did you start it first, and use those tips that you posted from Boice?

I didn't do well yesterday at all. My impulse is to make excuses for myself, but that's kind of pointless here. You all know why it didn't get done.

It's Friday - last day to get it done this week - and I do tend to finally take action at the last minute. I think I might finally do it today. Guilt and fear take over in the end and push me forward.

No need for excuses

One of the things I like about it here is there's no ~need~ for excuses. No-one here is going to expect any of us to come up with something by a certain deadline (this is our haven, after all!). For me, the idea of reporting back is not so much about 'accountability' (though I sometimes call it that), but more about getting support from others, being able to see patterns, and others pointing out patterns I might have missed (my blind spots).

The fact that you noticed your impulse to make a excuses shows insight, and the fact that you resisted is a huge step - not necessarily towards the report in this case, but definitely in dealing with procrastination in general.

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Normy's 1.15 BE

Dinner done - we've finished off the contents of the freezer now, so DSO can defrost it whilst I'm away.

Next:Going to check I have everything I need on my datastick to work on the workshop in the evenings whilst I'm away. I'm leaving to get the train very shortly so I won't be checking in again today.

Hope everyone is having a good day - I'll look forward to CUOP when I get back (and hopefully I'll have good news about what I've achieved over the weekend!).

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Norm's 12.30 BE

Packing done. Took me from 11.50 - 12.30 (40 mins) including stuffing the sleeping bag and the thermarest into their stuff sacks, and attaching them to the rucksack. I've never actually timed it before.

Dinner time now.

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