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Thursday 13th July 2006

Normy, how does photobucket work?

I went to the photobucket site, but I don't see where you're getting those graphics and fonts. Do you have to join?

I've haven't had chance to post yet

About the graphics - sorry. You do have to sign up to photobucket (or similar) who host the graphics for you, but you have to find them from somewhere else.

So for example you could right click on one of mine, or do a web search for 'gifs' or go to a site that you know offers free graphics (can't think of any off hand - will check and let you know. My signature has one of them '' or something similar. However, going in search of gifs is to be avoided if you're feeling at all procrastinatey!). You then have to copy the picture to your computer (right click and Save As. I've got a folder called 'gifs' in My Pictures). Then you go to photobucket or wherever and click on the 'upload' button (you can upload more than one at a time, and I also recommend you use sub-categories - like sub-folders in Windows Explorer. When you get a lot of pics it's much easier!).

Once you've uploaded to Photobucket, you can delete it off your own computer if you want (I tend to leave mine there because I use them for Emails too). You will see three lines of code underneath that give the code for various formats of board. The second line is the format used on this board. Just copy it, paste it into your thread, and there you go! Hope you can get it to work from this - it's a bit of a rough and ready guide as I don't seem to be getting time to post a 'proper' guide.

Actually, you could try this link (sorry, can't remember how to do links - you'll have to copy and paste). This was the thread where I learned how to do it. Let me know if it doesn't work. There are a gazzillion links to gif sites.

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TL - BE - 3:30 PM

Hello everyone :)

Ta Da
Toastmasters - evaluator
drop off Rx
callad bank
picked up stuff for cousin

to do
a whole bunch
but I'm going to hang out at the pool
have interview next week and will start working there or old job - so relaxing this week :)

Gwen Ds BE To Do

Hi all,
I must do two things today. Just two big things I think.

1. Produce some real sketches for the cover design of this book.

2. Respond to my client/friend who is beginning to cease to be patient with me!

I'll read those cool schoolwork tips again if I get stuck, but I'm going to break down the first task to three phases.

1. draw 17 thumbnails
2. choose best 3 for development
3. draw 3 larger more developed sketches

(This is the FUN part of my job! Right?! It really is.) I'm going to try to enjoy myself and yet not time binge. I will check in as I finish each phase. It's noonish now, so, I should allow myself 3 hours to finish this and eat some food.

The second task... I'll think about a little later. But let's just say I have to respond to him with some answer before 5pm tonight.

Trying not to panic about that,
Gwen D

pro's check-in section

Normy, your graphics in the day threads are like opening a Christmas present. I click on the day thread and I never know quite what I'll see. It always gives me a smile, and that's a wonderful thing, first thing in the morning! :)

I just rolled out of bed a few minutes ago - with a headache because I forgot to wear my dental orthotic last night (to prevent me from clenching and grinding my teeth). I also forgot some of my colitis meds last night, so I'll all messed up.

I have nothing to eat here for breakfast, so I'm going to continue rolling from out of bed to out the door to go pick something up. I took a bath before bed last night, so all I have to do to dress is put on clothes!

Today I will start my day with reports rather than email!!!!


Are you bookending today?

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Anouk's First BE of the day

Hi everybody,

just got back from uni. I HAVE to finish this presentation quickly. It's group work so I can't do it all night long....

Ta Da:

- morning routing
- breakfast
- walked DDog
- read stuff for class
- attended class

To Do:

- have lunch (yummy salad)
- mindmap of what I know already about my subject
- start handout
- vacuum

I will work in 30 minutes sessions. Yesterday, this was really hard. If it is hard today, I will do 20 minute sessions.

Anouk`s CI (3)

Ta Da:
- finished handout
- met with co-presenter (we quickly agreed on what to do tomorrow)
- sent off handout to other co-presenter
- went to shop with DSO to buy some treats for tonight
- vacuumed and mopped
- made bed (late but nevertheless ;-) )

To Do:
- linguistics homework
- cards for presentation (probably going to do this tomorrow)

Anouks CI (2)

Ta Da:

- lunch
- did dishes
- mindmaps and reading (110 minutes in small sections)
- handout nearly done (30 minutes)
- nap

To do:

- vacuum
- finish handout
- decide how I want to present things tomorrow
- meet with co-presentor

Doing well Anouk

I'm struggling today. Popped over to another board for a bit of a motivational interlude. Ready now for another session.

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Thank you Normy,

I still feel I could have done more.

How are you doing? Is it a bit better? Hope, the struggle has stopped, but on some days you simply don't feel like it and that's ok.

Are you kidding?

I still feel I could have done more.

Have you seen how many TaDas you've posted today! :D You did great today Anouk - hopefully some of it will rub off on my today because I just ended up spiralling down into some kind of mess that got no more work achieved.

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Norm's First BE of the day

Remember how I said yesterday I probably wouldn't have time to post today? Well I still haven't - I'm here procrastinating. Not had my breakfast, and the meeting I'm due to attend started twelve minutes ago. Do I look like I care?

What sort of talk is this? It's time to draw a line....


There. Let's start all that again! :)

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* Most of Morning Routine
* Emailed ex-colleagues to give them a date for a reunion (now I come to think of it, that's where I got sidetracked - bloomin' Email! Does it every time!)
* I've had my little 'happy break'.

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*Get off my duff and go to the meeting

I'm coming back early to do the following (in rotation so I'm not time bingeing):

*Summer School planning 35 mins
*BE 5 mins
*Organise course notes 15 mins
*BE 5 mins
*Summer School planning 35 mins
*BE 5 mins
*Household stuff 15 mins
*BE 5 mins

Hopefully I'll be back in time to get through this twice, and I intend to BE after each task (BEs to be LIMITED to 5 mins each, so won't be able to CUOP much, sorry!). Actually, if I'm going to do 5 mins BE I need to allow for that in the timings....OK, I've gone back and adjusted it (didn't have BEs in before). How is it that procrastinators think we have 'free' time - like trying to get 5 mins worth of something done in 0 mins? It doesn't seem to just be me.

OK - time for the first one - BREAKFAST!

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Normy's 4.13pm BE

I've sorted out the folder I need for this weekend. It makes more sense now it's organised! Hopefully, it will help me remember it. (When I was teaching learning skills one of the interesting things I found was some research which found that organising your notes helps you learn them, partly because you're categorising and consolidating).

It's taken me significantly more than 15 mins though.

Next: I'm getting hungry - quick snack then back to workshop planning.

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A quick snack

And a long slow sidetrack!

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Norm's 3.23 pm CI

OK, so when I'm supposed to be doing the Summer School I get sidetracked onto something else. Then when I go onto another task I end up getting sidetracked into working on Summer School! I guess I don't mind as long as I get done what needs to be done. I started sorting the file out, then decided to look at a file that someone has lent me for a module I missed to see if I could pick up any tips on formatting the file (turns out she does it the same as me) BUT I found some stuff in there that's relevant to my workshop! It's a totally different topic, so I wouldn't have thought of looking in there for anything. Anyway, it's given me something concrete to work on.

Next: I really ~am~ going to sort out this file - I need it for the weekend. Timer on: 15 mins

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Norm 2.50 pm BE

Grrrr - had to restart computer and guess how much work I got done? Nothing!

I got as far as 'opening the file'. While I was waiting for it to reboot (took ages) I started to write out some postcards so it wouldn't be 'wasted time' (of course I could have done some planning on paper but didn't), and got sidetracked (computer booted before I'd finished writing the cards).

However, when I re-booted my mail came through and there was one from the College with High Importance - they may be cancelling one of the workshops anyway (sigh), so now I've really no inclination to put any effort into it in case it doesn't run anyway. And if it doesn't run I'll have been 'justified' in procrastinating and I'll have reinforced my negative behaviour. Argghh!

Waiting for a reply back to see who's enrolled, because if there's someone else who wants to go who hasn't enrolled yet I can give them a nudge. I'll stick with my plan and move onto my next task for 15 mins which gives time to get a reply.

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*15 mins organise course notes

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Normy's 2nd BE 2.00 pm BST

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*Went to meeting (I'd just missed being shown around, and I work there so I don't need showing around :) ) Very useful.
*Supervised/helped with getting newsletter finished - yay! Made the deadline!
*Did a quick PUPA (Pick Up and Put Away) in the dining room - less than five minutes and I finished it! The only thing I didn't get sorted was where to put my big pile of yoga mats now I'm doing a regular private class - they ~were~ in the attic but they're going to be needed too often now. Will have to think about that one.
*Did a quick PUPA in kitchen - downstairs looks acceptable to someone dropping by now (by my standards anyway - they can't expect perfection if they just 'drop by')
*Pegged out Ddog's laundry

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I'm taking my own advice and just taking the first thing first - one item at a time!

*Summer School Planning

See you soon!

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Getting sidetracked because of stupid computer

I have resisted the urge to go and find a book to lend to someone, squirt the carpet in the bathroom with enzyme stuff, and then even to post about it here, but then...stupid Word Processor has got corrupted, and I'm waiting for Word to open so I thought I'd come in here and vent. OK whinge over - back to it.

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