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Saturday 15th July 2006

TL - BE - 6:30 PM

To Do

Set timer for 1 hr and clean

Jonny BE

I have worked for 2 hours and the big project is done. Time for another break and then at 3 I tackle moving office furniture into another room. That should take no more than an hour so by 4 I hope to be checking in again. Things are going well and I'm not in panic mode. I can see that if I keep this up, I will be done by Monday evening and the place will be ready for the magazine shoot, I mean inspection.

When I clean, I tend to go beyond just clean and have to put everything in what my brain tells me is the "right" spot.

This is helping, but it is really like talking to myself. I know it's Saturday so most people are doing unscheduled fun stuff (I hope). Regardless, having this to come back to every so often and record my progress is helping a lot. Be back in an hour or so.


Internet Junkie

good job, Jonny!!

Don't worry about talking to yourself. I've done it here, too. People eventually do show up and answer - and you're right, weekends are slowest. I was out shopping today and I'm about to head out again, but I'll check in later. Keep going!

'Weekends are slowest'

I'm away again this weekend then home for the last one in July (my first weekend at home all month - I can't wait!). After that, I'm around for most of the rest of the you get expect weekends to get a little 'faster' LOL!. I've been known to talk to myself here too - but it's more fun when there's a few of us.

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Jonny BE

Ok, I did well for over an hour, but this will take another hour probably. I'm stopping for a short break/lunch and then back at it, will check back in at 12:30 my time (11:48 now my computer says).

Internet Junkie

pro's bookending section

I really like taking a shower or bath right before bed because then dressing is so fast in the morning instead of a big problem.

I need to make breakfast now - I'm ravenous! Then right to my reports - I swear. After I do that, I can go out and play in the sun (as my reward).

oops - forgot to check in

I got dressed (forgot to make my bed, I realize - looking at it), but ate breakfast and got out the door fairly early. I'm now heading out again - this time to do some work. I'll check in later.

Let's start this thing over here

GOOD MORNIN' EVERYBODY!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Howdy all. On Wednesday I posted about how I have to get my apartment shipshape by Tuesday the 18th to pass inspection. I made an ambitious list for the day and guess what? I've done nothing, nada, zip.

I have mainly stayed distracted by staying at the computer or by sleeping, but I also made too big of a list and should have taken the good advice to start at the top or bottom of the hour.

Sooooooo, it's a busy weekend ahead, cause this place is a wreck. You wouldn't believe. Anyway, heres my bottom of the hour list to be accomplished in an hour.

1. Quick breakfast
2. Clear and sort stuff from back part of room throwing away useless stuff and finding a place for the rest.

That's all. I'll check back in an hour and if all goes right, you'll see a lot of postings from me over the next few days. Again, thanks for making this available.

Internet Junkie

Edited to move graphic out of the header and into the message. -pro

Oh yes we would!

Jonny said, 'this place is a wreck. You wouldn't believe'.

BTDT, LOL! At least now it's not my whole place that's a wreck - just this room.

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I need a dictionary

Pardon me, Bootdoodle, but I'm new here, and to understand your post, I'd like to know what you mean by "the top or the bottom of the hour." What's the difference betwen them? Thanks.

top of the hour and bottom of the hour

We're in all different time zones here, so to coordinate our check-ins, we say we're checking at the top of the hour (zero minutes past the hour) or the bottom of the hour (half past the hour) rather than a specific time. When it's 10:00pm in New York it's 7:00pm in California - but it's the "top of the hour" for both.

These are abbreviated TOTH and BOTH.

Ah! Analog!

This is too funny--I had no idea what "bottom of the hour" could be. I was thinking it meant the end of the hour, which isn't very far from the start of the hour, so I didn't see what good that distinction would do. When you said "half past," it dawned on me that the expression refers to when the minute hand is on the six--duh! What really makes it funny is that I just compiled a list of obsolete expressions that my Confirmation kids don't understand, like "dial the phone" or "turn the channel on the tv." As my son asked me, "Why do we say 'dial' instead of punch? There isn't a dial!" and "What, exactly, do you expect me 'turn' on this remote???" Guess I was thinking digital hours! Thanks, pro.

slider - oh my goodness, that makes me feel old!

> I just compiled a list of obsolete expressions that my Confirmation kids don't understand, like "dial the phone" or "turn the channel on the tv." As my son asked me, "Why do we say 'dial' instead of punch? There isn't a dial!" and "What, exactly, do you expect me 'turn' on this remote???"

That is too funny!!!! And by the way - here, as in the other message, I am quoting you and then adding my comment. I didn't change your original message. (You asked about that in another message.)

I was wondering about that, Jonny.

I figured that's what happened when you didn't come back. I've found that if I force myself to come back to bookend - even if I've been fooling around - it helps. It forces me to snap back into present-moment consciousness at least briefly, and gives me another chance to make a new decision.

I have been a zombie

Thanks, Pro, for thinking about me. Support and community are so helpful. I live alone and am very isolated. Until now, I've had friends and family around, but I moved to a distant location and then went into a really messed up depression.

I think you are right about the bookending. I need to just stay conscious of what I am doing without going into judgement (and then depression). Bookending helps that, I think and hope.

I block out so much of my life to avoid awareness. As I said at first, this has become a real and deep issue over the past couple of years. I want to ^be here now^. Practice, practice.

And now I am avoiding my work on this room by posting this too long comment, LOL. Back to work!


Internet Junkie

BOTH check-in

Ok, I got maybe 1/3 of what I intended done. I spent some time on the computer, ate breakfast, and watered the garden. So, I'm starting 1/2 hour check-ins.

Again, gimme feedback if I can do this in a better way. I have a lot to do so there are gonna be many posts. Hope this is ok.

Next have hour= Finish what I started in the first hour AND i'm setting a timer.0-

Internet Junkie


'gimme feedback if I can do this in a better way.'

Anything that works! Some days it works to do something one way, some days another. If I'm really stuck I have to post often - even if I've not achieved anything (helps stop me 'time bingeing' on goofing off, and helps me face the procrastination head on).

I liked the way pro did a short ToDo list the other day, and as things were moved to the TaDa list other things were allowed to come onto the ToDo. That way it never looked too big. It might still be a good idea to have a 'main list' so that you can prioritise, and then just take off a little chunk at a time.

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Ok, a little late, but I moved like a madman and Got 'er done. I get to play on the internet for the rest of the half hour. Then I will start what I can only call "THE PROJECT".

This is going to take a while, probably, so there will be some breaks, but I will check in every half hour.

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Ok, this is going to take

Ok, this is going to take awhile...THE PROJECT I mean. So I will check in in an hour and include a short break in there.

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Jonny - try checking in even if you get sidetracked.

How'd it go, Jonny? Get side-tracked?

Try to make yourself check-in even when it's just to tell on yourself and how you're playing instead of working. I find that helps me. And of course you won't find any judgement here - we all struggle with the same thing.