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clement, FYI

Just an "F.Y.I."

I have noticed that lately, for some reason, whenever you've been trying to link to a specific P.A. thread, I've tried going there -- but when I click on it, clicking just goes to the main P.A .website, and not to the particular thread that you intended.

Maybe it would be simpler if you just typed the URL of the thread directly into the message? That may or may not become a "clickable" link, but at least people could copy and paste it into browser to find the thread you intend them to find.

I am not a technical expert.  I don't know how to explain the procedures.  Just letting you know, so that you are aware.  Maybe somebody else can explain how to post clickable links.

Glad you are a member here, you contribute lots of insights and support.


link troubles

hrm.  i tested the first few i did, and then just assumed what i was doing was working.  I *think* i did what pro said, but maybe not.  I did notice that the pop-up keeps whatever you highlighted, not the "text" field in the form, but that's fine, i did think the URL one was working.

Well, i better Bookend my going back over my old posts and fixing those links :)  8:07.

how to make a wrong link

so i figured out what it is.  when i paste a URL like this: and then highlight that, and click the link icon, i was then just hitting the "Insert" button immediately.  since the result was a hot link, i had assumed that it worked.  But it was really just putting in the default for the url which is: "/" meaning root of the current site.

So now i know that i have to paste the URL text each time, and i will be careful to check my links in the preview.

Oh, and pro, some of my past posts did not have an 'edit' link and some did.  does the option to edit one's own posts expire after a certain length of time?  Or is it that once a post has been replied to, it's no longer editable?

8:33 -- 26 min.  A little too long but not too bad.

how to post links

Making a clickable link is a bit of a pain, but here's how to do it (this example is making a link to the Thurs. 3 April thread:

1)Type the text for the link, eg:
Thursday 3 April thread

2)Highlight the text for the link with your cursor, and click the "link" button (it's the button with a picture of a chain link, on the second row of buttons, just underneath "Styles")

3)A little window will pop up. Paste the URL you want to link to (eg into the "Link URL" box and click "Insert"

So you end up with a clickable link:
Thursday 3 April thread

Hope this helps!


okay, this is kind of like learning to knit with a crochet hook! I can't find the styles... oh wait