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Snoopy's to-do lists

[I am posting this in the off-topic forum, because ... well it really isn't directly related to P.A.'s primary purpose of finding ways to overcome our own procrastination.

This is just something fun to imagine/ponder -- hopefully briefly so that we don't use it as a distraction! ]

I was looking over some of the thread-starters for the check-in/bookending forum.

I am wondering how Snoopy is doing with his to-do lists. (the following is taken from the thread-starters of the dates mentioned)

20 February 2008
To do:
lie on roof
carry empty bowl to C. Brown
kiss Lucy.....

21 February 2008
To do:
Arrange maintenance appt for Sopwith Camel.
Rewrite chapter 17 of "It was a dark and stormy night".
Clean birdbath for Woodstock.

22 February 2008
To do:
steal Linus' blanket....
practice my Joe Cool moves...
get that Red Baron...

23 February 2008
To do:
1.  Clean the doghouse!
2.  Then relax with a book

27 March 2008
To do:
Practice dance steps for Suppertime Dance of Joy
Drink plenty of water
Make plans for World War I Flying Ace reunion

I wonder what Snoopy's process would be ....

Does he worry and procrastinate?  Or does he just get things done?

And what progress has he made with the above lists?

Hmmmmm .....

okay ... that's enough distraction for me for today.  TIme to get back to my own tasks

 -- movingalong


sad to say, i don't think snoopy is one of us. If so, he would be demand resistant, but as I think he feels in charge of his own universe those issues do not come up too often.

he he

thanks for the morning merriment.  procrastinators can be a fun bunch!  There's nothing like lighthearted fun to start off the morning.