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Monday 31 March 2008

The Day BEFORE April Fools Day...
/files/images/Washes_face.gifgood morning.... (yawn)


Today I want to work on and FINISH and email:
-  Financial Statment
-  Hardship letter
-  Car payment
-  Debone chicken in fridge

I must not be distracted.  I MUST get these things done!  I'm ok with it, I just get distracted.


You guys inspire me so much, there are NOT WORDS!!!  Keep on posting your plans/lists, they inspire me!!!!


Recycler CI 10pm EST


This is my Monday check-in + Sunday Check-In, since I forgot yesterday.

Sunday = I was tired from my Saturday Trip, so I got side-tracked into some on-line shopping.  While it was for things I really needed, I still kind of got off track.  Then I chose to go to an "Emergency Called Meeting" for one of my Volunteer Service Groups.  Then I had a massage.  Then I wrote an e-mail to my International Friend, then I talked to my dad on the phone.

Monday I went to the gym and then to work in the morning.  Mid-day I met with my care receiver, then worked in the afternoon.  After work I had my chiro appt, then went to my support group, then met with my sponsor.  Remembered to check in today, and now it's time to sleep.

I hope everyone has a great night! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


recycler, you take good care of yourself! there is little in life I love more than massage therapy.

8:52 Check-In

Yes, after high school, extracurriculars and going out with my dad, I am just starting a to-do list now.  I'll probably be crossing things off tomorrow morning too before school.

I got rejected from Harvard today.  I wasn't going to go there anyway but it hurts.

** What does MIT mean?  I'm thinking it's an acronym since a lot of people here seem to use it and you can't ALL go to MIT. . . .*** 

**Also, I have a big Economics project due and while I can put it on my daily to-do lists, I would like to put a master list of things to do for it somewhere.  I have other large tasks like this where I would like to put everything that needs to get done by <date> and then put one or two small tasks in each daily check-in.  I wasn't sure what forum that would go in. **

24 days left of high school!!!

   English- Finish Book 1 of the Sun Also Rises
               "Code Hero" Assignment
   Commitment- None Yes this is a class
   APCalculus- Extra Credit Sheet
              - Homework Sheet
   A.Drawing- Brainstorm ideas of what to paint
   APBio- Print Powerpoint Slides
             Finish LAB
             Find Essay Rubric
   Latin- Memorize 4th dec. endings
   Econ- Study for quiz
   Italian Club- Bingo cards, candy
   Guitar- Practice for 20 minutes
   Physics- Watch Lecture 1
               Work on Study Schedule
   Markers, signs for 2 friends' lockers
   Try to organize backpack a little

I THINK that's it for now.


Katia, try not to take the rejection personally. The number of candidates who applied to all schools across the country seems to have doubled! By the way, a friend went to Univeristy of Chicago or undergraduate and Harvard for Law School said Chicago was MUCH harder. Having lived both in Hyde Park and in Cambridge I loved both places.

Hi Katia!

Hi Katia!

Whichever is the college of your choice, I bet you will like it a lot!

Your not going to Harvard is their loss!!!

Good luck with all your projects, & congrats with being almost finished with High School :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

MIT = Most Important Task

it's a PA thing because we tend to skip our #1 thing to do and work on tasks 2..N;  more at

i dont have any advice nor opinion on where to post stuff.  Other people know the site better than me.

and, btw, welcome back.


I couldn't think of that for the LIFE of me!  You seriousl have no idea how long I've been going "gee, it seems like a lot of people have work to do for MIT".

mit lol

lol - yes we are all brilliant engineers.

LOL ... time-engineering?

Right.  We are all "engineers of time".  :grin:

-- movingalong

9:24 CI for Lark

Good morning everyone.I slept in a bit, and I'm still really tired. More coffee! There are errands to run, but since a client is going to stop to pay his bill sometime, they're going to wait till later. There's a work project I've put off--mainly to focus on other work things--but it needs to be finished today. Oh, how do I use STRIKE THROUGH? Thanks, and have a good day.
To do:
(X)morning routine
 spiritual time
 finish main work project
 put dinette table together
 get trash ready for tomorrow
 empty one basket of clean clothes
 work an hour on next work project
 visit relative in hospital
 get haircut
 12 step meeting

10:55 pm for Lark

This has been an okay day for me. Work was pretty good, but domestic duties have slipped a bit. Hmm, perhaps a bit of time before turning in would alleviate guilt?


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c ci 8am

starting work.

actually have an idea about my MIT @ work, so i'm looking forward to it, rather than dreading it.

breakthru, stalled

breakthru day on MIT work task.  yea!  then a bit stalled.  who wants success?  not me!


anyway, i had 30 min and spent 22 of it here.  Now going to try to start another MIT task today for 8 min.  small chunks...

Grail, Todo for Tuesday

Hey, it's a Double April Fools! Isn't Tuesday the 1st?

* Take poles to work with me
* Pick up hardware supplies

* Work stuff (insert here)

* Go to fire dancing in evening
* Put washing on
* Play guitar

"go to fire dancing"

oooooh! was it fun?

Firedancing, and missing out on fun things by procrastinating...

Yeah, it was!

I've picked up supplies from an aluminium supply store to make my own fire-staff - it will have holes with clips in it like a crutch so that I can adjust the length, and it will break up into three pieces for easy travelling! A friend showed me what supplies to get. Tonight I'm planning on doing the drilling etc.
In the meantime, I was practicing with a couple of friends ones last night - Including a big heavy padded practice staff, which really gave my shoulders a workout. Whew!
A couple of people came along and did fire-juggling too. Hee!
Anyway, I'm glad I went.

Urgh, I was sitting at work, knowing that I just had a couple more units to complete, and that I couldn't go until I'd done them, and was procrastinating anyway.
I've got a theory that I was feeling resentful that I couldn't go if I didn't do the units, and so was taking out that resentment by... not doing the units?!
That, or I just didn't think I deserved to do fun things? I don't know.... ???
Anyway, I sat down, and told myself that I deserved to go to firedancing, that I'd like it and have fun there, and that all I had to do was complete these tests! And yay! After I got myself excited, I got them completed, and was able to leave!

I can't tell you how often I've missed out on social events and good experiences because I've been procrastinating on things I *have* to do. :P
I'm glad I didn't miss out this time!

I am so glad you went!

and, boy, your comment about feeling resentful that you could not/would not go unless you finished something you 'had' to complete resonates with me. I think I do better when I change my mindset the way you managed to do that today. Cheering myself on definately helps!

Grail Ci, 3.30pm (Tuesday)

* Take poles to work with me
* Pick up hardware supplies
* Work stuff
- Get up to date on Project 1 (please be finishable today!)
- At least... 6 units for Project 2 - 2 units done

* Go to fire dancing this evening
* Put washing on
* Play guitar

Ooops, forgot washing, but I'm pleased with my progress yesterday. :)

e smacks self in the forehead

Yes! THANK GOD it is not April Yet!!!!

kromer's 5:55 CI (also sleepy...)

Lots to do today:

Must do:
*Go to biochem
*Email PF
*Test out expr. filtering
*Grocery shopping
*Cook dinner
*Revise Cytoscape app
*Revise NESCent app
*Update HKN thing
*Do Spanish HW
*Sign up for house job
*Set up mtgs about DOE stuff

Should do:
*Read over adipocytes stuff
*Meet w/ PF
*Call C
*Write 1/2 pg
*Go over textbook stuff for biochem
*Talk to SX

Would like to do
*Try out integer programming
*Read over notes on integer programming
*Finish going over biochem lect. notes
*Schedule women's lunch

To start:
*Update HKN thing (Done)
*Make shopping list (Done)
*Email cb (Done)
*Gather stuff for the day, pack lunch, walk to lab.

kromer 8:30 CI

Slow morning, but at least I'm making some progress
Now I'm in lab.
Next up:
Email PF
Test out expr. filtering
Start reading over adipocyte stuff
Spend 45 min installing Cytoscape plugins/playing with them/taking notes on UIs
Stop by PB's office
Go to biochem at 11.
UPDATE 10:05--OK, accidentally fell asleep for an hour. Probably good (I was exhausted and now I feel better), but means I'm a bit behind.
UPDATE 10:25--Started running expr. test job, installed Cytoscape plugins. While the test job runs, I'm going to play with the plugins.
UPDATE 10:35--I've looked at the plugins, I think I have some good ideas about UI now. Going to PB's office now.
UPDATE 10:50--Back from PB's office, now I'll spend 5 min looking at adipocyte data and then go to class.

kromer 12:20 CI

Biochem was cancelled, so I took another nap (there seems to be a pattern here...)
Next, I'll get some lunch, keep processing the test job, and revise my Cytoscape app. Then I'll go talk to SX, and then go to the grocery store.

kromer 5:10 CI

Did all of the above, now cooking dinner (and I signed up for a house job)

Add to "MUST do": house job (kitchen assistant)

Add to "Should do": Make presentation for bio class

I'm bookending 30 min of work on my NESCent app. (working in the chatbox, really concentrating.
Then I'll get back to cooking, and return to do a little more work on NESCent 7:30-8:00.

kromer 8:25 CI

OK, app deadline was extended, so NESCent app moves from a "must" to a "should".
I'm going to spend 30 min on it (it the chatbox again) and get done as much as I can, then move on.
After those 30 min, I'll start laundry and check on computer problem for work, then go do my house job.
Then I'll do my Spanish HW.
Check in again when that's done.

e's sleepy check in

Good morning... I don't know why they call it 'SPRING forward' as there is no spring in my step this morning after losing an hours sleep. I need to get moving, so here goes

water x
strip bed

MIT fax MF today
breakfast (very late)
walk to work if I can make myself (nope)

start learning how to make a webpage


kay, so I did well this morning recalculating shelf allocations, but I think I pulled a muscle shelving. Argh. It is not bad, just a twinge, but I feel like I need to take it slower.
I also suggested something to my boss and she was not enthusiastic: I immediately got hungry and went to get a chocolate bar. Clearly, I am not in the non-self-seeking place I want to be at. After said chocolate bar I feel loved, but sleepy, which is counterproductive.

I need to go fax something VERY soon, or it will screw things up. I am not sure how to handle that, but will try.