Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 27 March 2008

To Do:

  1. Practice dance steps for Suppertime Dance of Joy
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Make plans for World War I Flying Ace reunion
  4. Call my brother Spike and ask about the cactus


c ci 2am

ah too late.  One more failure to accept.  This is my cross to bear.

and i spent about 30 min searching for "recovering" on this site and reading all kinds of interesting posts by all kinds of people who have so much in common with me.  and people who were really hurting, and who haven't been here in the 2 weeks that i've been around.  And i am concerned about them and wish i could help them in some way.  i wish they would come back so we could all help them and they could participate in this community of recovery together.

quiet time then bed.  that probably sounds crazy.  But the quiet times keep me sane.  Sometimes more.

Recycler CI 9pmEST

Hi Contemplative Snoopy & all :)

Just a quick check-in before snoozing! ;)

Today:  walked, gym, work, gym, walked home, walked in neighborhood, took out trash, got mail, did yoga home practice. 

Next: brush teeth (floss?), read 1-2 pages,  time to sleep, Nite All! :)

Talk to you tomorrow! :)  Hugs!!! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

hello (snappy upgraded computer here)

I swapped in a 1 gig memory chip this morning, and my computer is much faster. It was cheap, too! :)

I just finished work for the day and I don't think I'll be doing much else. Just through I'd share my computer joy.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

hmmm... computer chip

what a lovely idea.... my computer is a bit... sluggish....kind of like its mother....

lol e (memory chip)

yeah, more memory == computing nirvana

Most computers >6mo old are probably running out of memory.  Thanks to software manufacturers making bigger and bigger programs.

lots of people online

Lots of people online at once now. That's kind of fun. If I was able to do anything else today, I'd join the chatbox. But I'm tapped out - not feeling well.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

hugs pro

you built it and they came

Grail CI, 10am (Friday)

at work today...

6 units for Project 2.
4 units for Project 1.
Another 7 units for Project 2.

It looks so simple when I put it like that!

And after work, it's a Friday! So I want to have left by a reasonable hour (7pm? Or 8 hours! Whichever comes first...) so I can catch up with friends, but I'm not putting any requirements on myself tonight.

Grail CI, 8pm (Friday)

I got the 6 units for project 2,
and 4 units for project 1 done,
and possibly a bit more done,
but... I've done maybe 15 minutes work in the last 3 hours!
(I have an application logging software - so I'm not minimising it at all :p )

Good thing - had someone drop off gear for me for the weekend. Yay!

But yep - mostly junk surfing.
Like, I just ended up reading about a completely unknown woman's horrible miscarriages after getting it in an unrelated search. Why, why, why do I do it?

Oh, actually it's 8.30pm now. *headdesk*

Grail CO, 10pm (Friday)

That was embarassing.

Hey, I've just realised that I forgot to list in the last post what I was hanging around to do - do a quick check of 5+ 'units'. So, Freudian slip, what with forgetting to list my todo list altogether?

Anyway, what just happened was, haven't done any more work since the last post, and the boss just stopped into work to drop off some sports equipment on his way home, and caught me here.

Me being here at 10pm on a Friday => doesn't look good at all. :(
I'm not needed for overtime or anything, it's just weird looking. I think the me coming in late, and then staying late was the reason for an email to everyone saying that work starting time is between 7.30-9.30am, and leaving time is between 4:30pm and 6:30pm.

I've been better at the starting hours recently.

Argh, and it's a Friday, and I was supposed to meet people - I think the large groups put me off. I like seeing friends individually. Anyway, I'll see if I can just go home and go to sleep. I have a busy weekend planned!


I can imagine how you feel. I dislike finding myself in situations like that, too. Accept that you cannot change the past, and have courage to change what you can for the future. You are in the process of recovery, and your coming here is taking the first step towards that change. When I allow myself to feel the feelings, to acknowledge my actions, however humiliating, I find the burden of this compulsion is lifted. hugs.

Mindless and Non-directional

I did overdo it a little yesterday, but I feel better this afternoon.  The nurse called to report that I do have signs of having the Epstein-Barr virus (but so do 95% of Americans).  Why some of us continue to have reoccurences is unknown!  What to do about it--no one really knows!  Rest and drink plenty of fluids, blah, blah, blah.

So my plans for the rest of the day:
Fix supper and eat it then:
    Go to Home Depot to purchase screening to fix the doors tomorrow.
Stop at the coffee shop and:
    Finish up the little bit left to do on Unit 1.
Back home:
    Print up Unit 1 and edit it.
    Install Turbo Tax Premier.

That ought to be plenty! 



so sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly, Karen. Get some rest!

Re-do to account for feeling poorly

Ended up falling asleep because I was so exhausted.  Therefore:
Fix supper and eat it then:(Done)
    (save this for tomorrow morning to do with kids) Go to Home Depot to purchase screening to fix the doors tomorrow.
Stop at the coffee shop and:
(Save this for the weekend since DH won't be home)   Finish up the little bit left to do on Unit 1.
Back home:
    Print up Unit 1 and edit it.
   (Do now!) Install Turbo Tax Premier.

e's evening check in

Thanks for starting us off today, moving!

Today was a good day for me: I spent several hours puttling things in order in my new office space and realizing what is necessary to be successful. I walked to work, drank my water, took my meds and had a somewhat healthy breakfast this morning.

I was able to eat lunch with my good friend today, and that was lovely. I wrote an email to two supervisors and got a tour of the newly remodeled space in the basement, which looks okay, but will be much better.

It was quite hectic otherwise, with people looking for missing resources, not enough people working to keep up and my own sense that I had overdone it physically and needed to slow down. I found some items which was good.

The at home stuff seems more critical now, so I NEED TO DO MY TAXES!!!!

and I don't think I have everything I need.....


It is now time to make supper, and I need to find the recipe I wanted for lentils.

e's midnight and 1 minute checkback

well, i made the lentil dish, and it was pretty good and very easy. No one else loved it, but that is okay. I managed to have a stern talk with my tax guy who is to come through for me by 7pm tomorrow night. Now I have to come through for him with some paperwork!

I had a good, somewhat abreviated conversation with my friend tonight and was glad I took responisbility for getting off the phone to take care of something I was procrastinating on: I have a hard time setting limits that way and then I don't take care of myself.

I cleaned up supper and gave my husband some paperwork to deal with. I have worked a bit in the miracle box doing some paperwork to prep for tomorrow.

tomorrow: to remember: doctor's appt. schedule lab tests, pick up old lab results, taxxxxx,

pray about letting go of my need to control outcomes....
work, work, work....

douglas CI

Prep 3 quotes
return calls
gather corporate tax info  (yes, I'm late...I know!)
get jacket for dog (sheesh!)

damned burritos

<e begins to knit a doggie jacket>

knit a straight jacket for me

The dog is safe and sound.

I'm the one who needs my head shaved.

I have to file my corporate taxes. I am in deep doo doo with the state.

Is there EVER a break... ever???? do the rest of you just ask yourself in the mirror, "hey why don't you wake up dummy?" like I do?



i sort of accept my procrastination

I think one of the reasons i'm here is that my view of my procrastination went from "abominable, unacceptable" to...can't find the words.

I think of it as what you always see on TV at an AA meeting:

"Hi, i'm clement, i'm a procrastinator"

there was a certain level of acceptance that that's what i am.  there's a difference for me between "i hate this and i want to change it" and "i hate this so much i wont even admit that i am it".

Something like that.

So i have sort of resigned myself to forever be that "recovering procrastinator."  I assume i will be backsliding and having to try again my whole life.

I wonder if other people feel this way, or if some people think they can lick this permanently, or if some people feel they have?

Re: i sort of accept my procrastination

Hi clement,

I hear you. This is where I am most of the time these days. My goal is to *manage* procrastination, but I am very doubtful that I will ever completely get over it.

breaks from the long break

I kind of feel like my 14 year old son: he can't stand the idea of doing his homework, so his time spent putting things off feels like its work.... when I actually DO something it feels GOOD, as if it WERE the break

c ci 11:45

...which i got distracted from til 12:15.  But SO wanted to talk, so not totally my fault :)

i had an amazing prayer time this morning.  I am completely refreshed.  And ready to take on the day.  which is a good thing, because i went to be exhuasted yesterday.

I know a lot of people here are spiritual--12 steps is spiritual in nature--but i also have read here that we're not specific.  That's the right balance, right?


The 12 Steps Programs that I have experience with define the addictive behaviors as physical, mental and spiritual illness. I suppose that we would not consider Procrastinating to have a physical component, although, I swear, there are days that it feels that way to me.

Taking the 2nd and third step can be hard for some people because they require coming to believe that a power higher than yourself can relieve your addiction and becoming willing to turn your life over to that higher power : as you understand it. I have a friend in another program who defined her higher power as the ocean. To each their own. there is no one way.

kromer 9:10 (PT) CI

Yesterday, my friend stayed very late...which was a lot of fun, but means I'm very behind (and will probably have to work a bit this weekend, ugh)

Top priority is to finish this application I'm working on. Specific steps I need to take to make that happen:
*Read up on plugins
*Figure out what the plugin manager is
*Download Cytoscape source code
*Read up on other graphing packages
*Go through posts on the devel. list from past couple days, read through any sample proposals
*Post my ideas+a link to my proposal on the devel. list
UPDATE 11:20--I feel like I'm going really slowly, but in fact I'm making pretty good progress. I need to finish about 1/3 pg of implementation details, then convert my proposal to HTML and post it on my website, then post to devel. list. Should be done by 12 or 12:30 at the latest.
UPDATE 11:50--OK, done with rough of proposal, now need to convert to HTML and post, then post to devel list. Should be done by 12:10, then I'll figure out my plan for the rest of the day and have lunch.

kromer 12:10


Next (after lunch) I want to:
*Choose a project idea for NESCent group
*Test out expr. filtering (run code, look over results briefly, compare to results w/out expr filtering)
*Finish up taxes
*Go over 15 pg of biochem lect notes

kromer 1 CI

OK, had lunch, wasted some time online and now I'm back to do something useful.
I can't face any more applications, so I'm going to work on biochem now.

8:36AM CI for Lark(and 8:54pm)

Good morning everyone. I wish the rain would have held off till later  today, but... I'm overbooked today and overwhelmed with "stuff". The key is to prioritize things this morning and cross off the main ones the rest of the day. Right now I have no clue.
 (X)morning things
 (X)spiritual time
(X) order supplies
 go to bank
 pay on account
(X) put project A aside after first section
 clean up workshop
(X) finish project B  
 finish as much as I can on project C
 prepare D for tomorrow
 check in mid afternoon

movingalong tries Thursday with help from Snoopy

I thought I would resurrect an old thread-starter theme.  (Snoopy's to-do list).   It seems to help me get going.  Anything that helps, I am willing to try.

(for more thoughts on Snoopy, see my post in the Off-Topic forum here: )


Today's list for me:

  1. eat heathfully

  • brush teeth
  • to to jobsite and work 2 hours
  • get to dentist appointment on time or EARLY! 
  • return to jobsite and work at reasonable pace, not getting bogged down by details like fonts and colors.  Just do the reports!
  • Complete my projects and go home at reasonable hour
  • Prepare for evening meeting, then go to meeting
  •   --  movingalong

    snoopy rules!

    Thank you for bringing him back today: he is inspirational for me, too!