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Monday, February 4 2008

Falcon CI Mon.

O.k., time for a bit of triage.  Got a bit of brain fog today, so I'll have to focus on the stuff that really needs to get done.  Next up:

Eat lunch
Pick up cat from vet
Call the @#%&! car shop that I keep putting off.  It's not going to get done until I do it.
Figure things out from there once I know when I can take the car in.


Falcon CI - gotta love the internet

Gotta love the internet!  Granted it's a mixed blessing, since it can be the worst procrastination temptation.  But for a procrastinating phonophobe (is that a word?) it saves me from making phone calls!  I just went onto the repair shop website, and made an appointment online to take the car in.  How cool is that?  And that means I don't have to take it in today, and can do some things that are more important to me today. 

I'm off to pick up the kitty, then:

  • Exercise
  • Finish labeling packages & take to post office
  • Get groceries
  • Do calendar
  • Get stuff ready for tomorrow



If it's not a word, it should be! 

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” - Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes


That Bill Watterson quote should be my themesong!

Falcon's CI Sun. eve.

O.k., got some exercise, finished labelling the packages (too late for post office, but I can drop them off tomorrow.)  Ended up taking some time to write a message to someone that I needed to write, which was a good thing to do even though not on my list.

Next up:

  • Eat dinner
  • Do calendar
  • Prep for tomorrow, including a little tidying.
  • Hopefully will have time to go for groceries, though I don't want to go out till my friend calls me back.  Might be able to do a quick grocery run tomorrow if I get other stuff done tonight.


Brain fog

I've been sorting out some mental/emotional stuff, which is good, but has left me with pretty complete brain fog as far as focusing on anything practical.  One of those nights when "get ready for tomorrow" seems just way too complicated, and I've got to break everything down into very. . . small. . . pieces in order to get my mind around it & get it done.

So. . .

  • Set alarms
  • Set out med. for cat
  • Make sure shirt & gi are in gi bag
  • Rummage up 3 pairs clean socks
  • Set out clothes for tomorrow & Wed.
  • Make sandwiches/lunches for tomorrow & Wed.
  • Review calendar
  • Put calendar in work bag
  • Check back in here


Oh dear

Oh dear, I am just SO not concentrating.  Got as far as finding the socks, got online to check the weather report, and went into total avoidance surfing mode.  O.k., off to put some outfits together. . .


Falcon, Sun. night -- done

Done & ready for tomorrow (finally.)  Good night!


e's very late ci

Good afternoon, or it would have been if the Patriots had won! However, it was a great night sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe in Athens with a bunch of other unknown crazy Giants and Pats fans screaming my head off until 5AM. I paid for it today, but it was truly worth it.

However... it is now dusk and I have done squat today. For the rest of the day:
walk home
cook radicio
hot spot the bedroom
check C's backpack
plan clothes for tonight
watch the new episode of House (YEAH!)
sweep the veranda
water the plants
soak chickpeas
check on fafsa application status

Lark @ 9:55am and 3:23pm

Hi everyone. Busy day planned here, and if I procrastinate much, it'll become a hectic one. Most importantly, I need to go to the bank or be overdrawn tomorrow. There's one project for work which needs to be done mostly to make room for more profitable things. Also, a bit of general cleaning around here would be a great idea. This should do till this afternoon.
This morning:
(X) present project

Journey 8:45 - parental advisory: whining

Good morning, the place is rather empty today . . .guess everyone stayed up late - in the US anyway - to watch the Super Bowl.  

I feel like moldy a$$ this morning, and I'm disappointed in my accomplishments over the weekend.  It was a busy weekend with the Super Bowl and dr. appts but I spent way too much time goofing off on the computer instead of getting the house ready for my dad's bday party next weekend.  I have too much work to take a day off so I'll have to do all the housecleaning on Saturday.  The good news is that I surveyed the place, and it's not actually horrible.  That is a great improvement over this time last year, before joining PA.   All it needs is a good dusting, mopping and vacuuming and we'll be more or less ready.  It would be nice to get new carpet and curtains before this weekend but thats not going to happen lol!  

I'm really not feeling so hot this morning, I woke up with an upset tummy and had to force myself to go to the gym.  Of course I have to force myself to go the gym every morning but I'm usually happy about it once I get there.  Today I just did a short workout and felt nauseous and dizzy . . . and I cried over a TV commercial.    I'm too old for PMS so I don't know what's going on here but I gotta snap out of it and get to work.  

Don't really have to make a todo list for today, I'll be concentrating on my work project all day.  We're under a deadline so that will keep me focused.  Need to do some laundry and dishes when I get home, otherwise it's all about this project. 

Thanks for listening to me vent . . . have a great monday.


“Clearly there's the lesson to be learned here,” said zoo spokesman Sam Singer. “The lesson is that it's not a good idea to drink, it's not a good idea to be high on dope, and it's not a good idea to taunt a man-eating tiger.”

I know what you feel.

I'm often there, often do that. Sometimes I look at things and think I should make them perfect--like your carpet and drapes, when just having things need and tidy would be just fine. Sometimes we underestimate cleanliness, and often spend too much money replacing stuff. I think you do really well, and your daily posts help me alot.

Thanks Lark

Yep, I can easily overwhelm myself by making a task look a lot bigger than it needs to be . . .and that feeling of being overwhelmed quickly leads into procrastination.  Why start on a task that is impossible to achieve? 


I find that my unrealistic expectation of myself to be perfect leads to all sorts of traumatic procrastination or anxst, especially around the holidays or entertaining. I feel unable to have anyone over unless the house is neat and clean, which it rarely is, so I don't have friends over!

perfectionism again

I totally understand that - having people over is very stressful for me.  Actually, any social occasion is stressful for me!  I'd much rather stay home with my computer. 

I'm getting a little better at having company though.  Now that my son is married and has a baby,  I want to have them over all the time so we can see the baby.  Since they are intimately familiar with all my shortcomings, and seemingly still like me, it's not such a big deal to have them over.  And it is getting easier with practice. 

The big thing for me is that, it seems when I was younger and didn't have kids, I could actually finish everything I needed to do and have some time left over at the end of the day.  Even when I was working and going to school, I had some time I could call my own.  Now it seems that I could work 24 hours a day and NEVER get everything finished, so I have to be able to stop and take some time for myself.  Otherwise, I'd never get a break.  I still WANT to do everything, and I have a really hard time with prioritizing - or triage as Scarlett calls it . . . I know I need to cut some nonessential things out of my life altogether, but I still want to do it all, AND have time left over for goofing around.  Sigh :P   :tongue:


“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” - Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes


Falcon is the one that introduced the concept of triage - want to make sure I give the proper credit!  lol

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” - Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes


Thanks Journey!  Unfortunately, I've become a triage expert!  I tend to get pretty overwhelmed, so I'm constantly in a state of figuring out what really HAS to get done from what doesn't, because that's probably all that's going to get done!


scarlett CI 8:50 am EST

To do:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Set MITs for today

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

kromer 6:50 CI

MUST DO: meetings, meetings, meetings!
2 Reg day meetings (one done)
Meet with PF (postponed until tomorrow)
Meet with CH
Talk to SX and work out schedule for week
Email about house meeting (DONE)
Check that my classes meet graduation requirements, turn in reg form (DONE)

Do scanning
Make new graph
Test job
Scrub kitchen floor
Questions for CSBi

Would like to do:
prep for Harambee
Obama rally!
Buy/order books/supplies
Start writing proposal
30 min exercise

kromer 11:45 CI

OK, I've had a pretty good morning, but now I'm losing focus a bit.

To do next:
Get scanning running
While that runs, update graph-making code
Go get cheap books from student bookstore, get ISBNs for rest
Meet with SX

kromer 2:40 CI

OK, not doing so great.

I did go to the student store, and I met with SX and CH.

Turns out I have some unexpected work to do...some chores for my labmates+setting a bunch of cells+typing in expt. results.

And the scanning code is sorta working but is producing really strange results.

So, my immediate plan is:
1)Chores for labmates:
*Small change in WM
*Clean up graph-making code
*Write readme for graph-making code
*Email labmates
2)Set cells
3)Order books
4)2nd reg day meeting
5)Start typing in expt results

Going to the rally is rather irresponsible, as it means I'll have a late night figuring out the scanning code, but oh well, it's worth it!

kromer 1:00

OK, rally was *awesome* but ran really late--just got back.

Earlier, I managed to set the cells, attend 2nd reg day meeting, and start chores for labmates, but that's it. (Also, started planning Harambee, and set up meeting to finish on Wed).
I'm pretty tired, but need to do some things before I go to bed.
*Order books
*Fix scanning code so it doesn't take so *!# long
*Get and fold laundry
*Respond to emails
*Shower and bed

Obama rally!



I admit to being a lifelong republican, but I'm liking Obama.  a lot.  I'm just a little worried that he's TOO nice . . . remember Jimmy Carter??  Well, no, you probably don't, lol!


“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” - Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

obama too nice

Obama looks like a puppy dog to me, the way he tips his head to the side with those big floppy ears. I agree he's too weak - especially combined with his lack of specificity in policy. He's all grandstanding - big, vacuous speeches. I think he'd be overrun if he got into office. He's be so busy trying to conciliate that he'd never get anything done.

And at the rare times he does spell out policy, I prefer Clinton's version. I think she's right on health care, right on immigration, and more.

I don't get this charmisma Obama is said to have. I don't feel it at all, and I've seen him in person (I saw an early Democratic debate).

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.


Health care is a GIANT issue for me - my kids don't have insurance benefits with their jobs, and I think that will be the way of the future for most people.  The baby has medicaid for now but it gets harder to get it as they get older.  My son and his wife can't afford health insurance for themselves, and that ain't right.   

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” - Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes