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Saturday, February 2, 2008



kromer 6:30

Yesterday and most of today were taken up with interview craziness/trying to get over my nasty cold.
I've had some free time this afternoon that I've mostly wasted (though I did get off my rear and go running :) ), so I decided to check in.
I need to go to one last interview dinner in 15 minutes. When I get back, I'd like to:
*Finish comparison to canonical pathway (supposed to be finished days ago, *still* not done)
*Pack up my stuff
*Do 15 more minutes of exercise
*Figure out how to compile and run matlab code

kromer Sun morning

OK, fell asleep before I did all these things, but woke up early-ish and finished them (just got them all done :) )

gratz kromer!

Just finished them all  . .. yeah!




Giving money and power to government is like giving liquor and car keys to teenage boys. - P.J. O'Rourke

e's late night good morning

In case you have not noticed, procrastination sucks. My life has clearly become unmanageable, and I WAY underestimated how long everyrhing would take to get the financial aid stuff done. The Profile for private schools and the FAFSA for federal aid both had to be in for the schools my son is applying to by a firm deadline of the 1st of February. I was up through the night filing away, computing taxes, tranfering information. I had to file everything by 7AM my time, which is midnight EST. I had filled one form out, but had not applied for the password: I had to apply and send both forms in electronically by that time. The more important one was the FAFSA, and as I was struggling to type, not coherent any more, I glanced over at the clock and it said it was 7:03. I burst into tears.I kept trying and then it accepted the form and came back saying I had filed at 11:57 PM. I missed the deadline for the second form, but I am hoping they will accept it as I cannot tell what hour they were talking about: if it was Central time I was okay.

I am so thankful to have it over, but it was a very important lesson for me: I need to act like a tortoise, not a hare. I puttered around all day,, straightened a bunch of stuff out, but I have messed it up again since.

For today:
read big book
gratitude list
pull chicken out of the oven before I sleep

banana muffins
dresser top
finish refiling all the papers
change the sheets
put clean laundry away
thorough grooming
walk Patches

for the tax guy, who saved me $5500, and most likely much more for the future
for not giving up
for my early clock
for this fellowship
for the euro
for having patches the dog visit
for C getting his homework done today
for flylady, who is helping me release a lot of baggage
for A getting his act together this morning, allowing me to work
for the weekend


You CAN file a FAFSA late, I know!  Worst case is that you have to pay up front and get reimbursed later. 




Giving money and power to government is like giving liquor and car keys to teenage boys. - P.J. O'Rourke

Elisaveth -- fingers crossed

Hi Elisaveth,

Crossing my fingers for luck for you -- I hope all the forms are accepted!  Sounds like you had an awful, stressful night.

Lots of us have done miserable all-nighters after procrastinating on things.  But not everyone has your courage in identifying what went wrong (underestimating the task & trying to do it as a sprint instead of a slow steady plod) facing the problem & the stress, and choosing not to give up. 


Hope you catch up on sleep!

So glad you got the FAFSA in on time! Catching up of financial stuff is a big achievement.

Journey, Falcon and Kromer

I can't tell you how much your encouraging words mean to me today. I have not been on for a few days, because I have been recovering from the all nighter (and then had a second one last night to watch the Superbowl until 5 in the morning.) Journey, that is wonderful news! I now know that I missed the deadline for sure on the CSS Profile, so two schools may not consider giving us aid, but I THINK the FAFSA is okay. I have not yet been able to check it out. And Falcon, thank you for your comment: sometimes I feel like I run on in here too long, and take up too much space. For me, exposing my faults here is part of step work: it keeps me honest and keeps me from 'eating behind my own back' as they say in OA. In this case, I guess it helps me to name the fear or behavior so that I can push through whatever emotion is in my way from getting things done. Kromer, you are absolutely right, financial things are a huge nemisis for me.

Since all of this, I have been puttering around the house, willing to talk about some difficult things with my spouse, and am able to focus on other issues. New emotions are coming up about things I had to put off in order to do what should have already been done. I am afraid/paranoid that things are not going well at work, as there is a lot of change in the air with several folks laid off, or transfered. I am afraid that I stopped walking and am gaining weight back and that it was just a strange season which had me in better health. And, you won't believe this, but I joked in an earlier post that I would be bald by Friday: guess, what, my hairline is rapidly receeding now!

enough of the poor me's! Today has been a literal waste of time, and now it is time to remember the baby steps that solve my problems.

Mark CI 1:31 PM EST

to do:
x resolve urgent issue
- import tested
x small items submitted for test
x clear out 5 instances
- alt drilldown designed
- alt drilldown implemented
- research js solution
- clock 8 hrs
- files transferred
- guitar -> scales/ligado/arpeggio
- read 50 pp. The Girls of Slender Means
- read 2 articles in The Nation
- stretch
- finish movie
- test performance with groups enabled

Lark @ 11:10

Good morning everyone. I've been running errands this morning, and I got a ton of calls on the machine while out. I turned the heat on in my workshop before leaving, but it went out. Argh. Now it's time to "triage" the calls and plan an effective afternoon. I'll check in later when I have a hint of what I plan today.

pro's CI - 10am

I need to get moving. Getting dressed would be a good start.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

still sitting here

It's Saturday. I guess I don't have to jump. Still I should get dressed...

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

hey pro

feeling better?  haven't seen you in a couple of days . ..


Giving money and power to government is like giving liquor and car keys to teenage boys. - P.J. O'Rourke

Journey 9:30

Good morning!  I am skipping yoga this morning because I have an eye doc appt. this afternoon and I want to get groceries before the appt.  So what am I doing?  Sitting around, goofing off on the computer and playing on second life.  Time to get busy!

- exercise at home - 30 min

- breakfast and dress - 1 hr.

- grocery list - 30 min

- buy groceries - 2 hrs.

- put away groceries - 1 hr.

- eye doc - 2 hrs?

- visit mom and dad - 1 hr.

- make dinner - 1 hr.

- clean kitchen - 1 hr.

- laundry - 1 hr.

That should keep me busy for today!  See youse guys later.


Giving money and power to government is like giving liquor and car keys to teenage boys. - P.J. O'Rourke

Journey 10:45

headed for the gro store . .. still haven't exercised . . .
this is just a reminder to myself to charge my phone when I get back

Have a great weekend all

Giving money and power to government is like giving liquor and car keys to teenage boys. - P.J. O'Rourke

journey 12:15

back from the store, I have 1 hour and 15 min to get the groceries unloaded, put away, eat a quick lunch and head for the doc. 



Giving money and power to government is like giving liquor and car keys to teenage boys. - P.J. O'Rourke