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Thursday, January 17, 2008

scarlett CI 5:20 pm EST

Well, I didn't stay very focused today, but I did manage to get some important things done, so that's good.

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Pay DC bill
Print WC plans
Comment card proof (1st draft)
Finish review
Check review deadlines
Review budget info
Comment card proof (2nd draft)

Review WC plans
Sched reg. mtg w/ A (& go to landfill)
Sched mtg w/ GG & n00b
Respond PK re: staging
Update budget info on latest review
Take pics
Pay visa bill
Pay car loan
Fax reg & give to G
Set next workshop date

scarlett CI 6:15 pm EST

To do:
Make dinner (started)
Do dishes (20 min)
Sign up for auction
Go to yoga class (7:30 pm)
Put away clothes (10 min)

Greenbean's Bookend

Ta da:
Nothing Yet

To do: (next step)
LOTF Reading (Summary and Analysis)

Limits on your achievements come from what you don't do.

Journey 3:45

I've been really productive today.  Now, why can't every day be like this?  Part of it is that my new project is moving along now so I know what to do next, rather than having to figure out what to do at every transition. 

I did my budget and it's really ugly . . .I'm behind on a couple of bills.  The really sad thing is that if I get that stupid SL stuff done I should have some bucks coming my way . . .but I can't seem to get off my a$$ and the deal with all the bureaucracy to get it taken care of.  I WILL work on that before I go home this afternoon - I'm much better at getting paperwork done if I stay in the office after hours and do it rather than trying to do it at home.   

X - gym
X - read email
X - daily planning
 - organize email (limit to 15 min)
X - Jan 15 budget (limit to 15 min)
 - fill out the STUPID FORM (30 min)
X - s/w install - ~ 3 hrs depending on coworkers schedule - 2 hr. actual 
X - finish the Visio diagram - (2 hrs.) - 3 hrs. actual 
 - little projects as time permits
X - DR/Audit meeting - 30 min. 
 - dishes/laundry
 - dinner 
 - prep for tomorrow
 - find keys

journey 6 pm

filled out the stupid form!  didn't fax it in yet, will do that tomorrow along with some other papers that I need to get ready - but have them here in the office so should be able to do it in the am. 

also submitted a medical reimbursement claim. 

hope fully these things will get me back in the black before next month. 


good for you, journey!

for finishing the form!

also submitted a medical reimbursement claim. 

I have a lot of these to send in!

thanks scarlett

I may never understand why these things are so hard to face!  But it feels so good when they are finished :D

scarlett CI 12:00 pm EST

It's astounding how easy it is for me to get off track and stay off track.  Frown  (case in point, I opened at 9 am and started this post at 11:35) 

I think I'm going to do some of those pesky little things that have been hanging around my to-do list.  They need doing and I hope will give me some momentum and a quick feeling of achievement.

Next CI:  12:45 pm

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Take pills

To do:
Print WC plans
Comment card proof
Pay DC bill
Sched reg. mtg w/ A (& go to landfill)
Sched mtg w/ GG & n00b
Review WC plans
Check review deadlines
Finish review
Respond PK re: staging
Review budget info

Pay visa bill
Pay car loan
Fax reg & give to G
Set next workshop date

freer 10

Under a big deadline. I worked late and made good progress, but need to get a lot done today. I also feel anxious about two conversations I need to have today, one with a business partner and one with a vendor.

client review and draft 3 for O
talk to M & O
cc for next video
visit M & B at hospital
fold laundry
oh yeah...self care. I'm not dropping me out today...pray, eat, shower

Have a great day!


difficult convos

ugh, I dread that kind of talk . .. good luck with it . . .


"Some day suck less than others, and that's what keeps me going" - D A Deeb

thanks & freer @ midnight

I completed my two turned out to only need a voicemail. The other was a daunting conversation about going from being a contractor to a full-time employee. It's a good salary if it comes through (which would be a big change). I also have a job interview in a week for a different job. I've been self-employed for a long time. I am ready for a change and a steady paycheck.

--client review and draft 3 for O
--talk to M & O
cc for next video
visit M & B at hospital
fold laundry
--oh yeah...self care. I'm not dropping me out today...pray, eat, shower

I completed 3 of 6. My first item took a lot more time, but went well and the client is happy. Now I am up late wrapping it up, but without the panic, drama and pain I sometimes inflict on myself.

Thank you!


N Check-in

Got off track this morning after a good workout.  Started checking my finances and ended up on the phone disputing a bill . . .

to do:
work 6 (now more like 5) hours
go to meeting

Okay, need to focus and get back on track.

Have a good day, all.

N bookend

Taking a 10-min web-surfing break.

To do:
check back in.

N bookend

My internet went down.  Checking back in after my break.  :)


to-do for the next half hour

1 snack
2 brush and floss

kaoba update

Feeling very paralyzed today. Since I posted my mini-list, I have:

(x) 1 snacked (whole wheat crackers with cheese, Earl Grey tea, two squares of dark chocolate.)

Still pending:

( ) 2 brush and floss

kaoba's agenda

I am filled with admiration for the simplicity and straightforwardness of your todo list! Seriously, if I set only two goals would mean there is a chance that both of them would actually get done. (great snack choice, too!)

Elisaveth ...

... you have me smiling!

That was my aim for that half hour, and it took me about two hours to complete, sigh.

Today was a particularly immobile day for me. I hope that my next list reflects a bit more movement!

immobile day

I have days like that, too, so take it easy on yourself. One day at a time.

movingalong's Thursday goals

buy cat food
buy cat litter
buy groceries for me
buy nylabones for dogs
pay car payment
work on list for hardware store
eye doctor

CI for Lark at 10:05 (12:45 am Fri.)

Running late today. I was going t work late in my shop, but too many locals stopped by, and I was glad to quit, and got basically lazy to turn the lights on later. I need to pay a bill today and get prepared for a blast of frigid  weather this weekend.
(X)morning things
 (X)spiritual time
(X) pay bill
 (X)do as much as I can to new work project (try to finish!!)
 (X)straighten house

Journey 9:00

Good morning - been putting off sending in the next form for SL AND my Jan. 15 budget.  I WILL face those two things on my lunch break today.  Neither of those things are extremely hard or time consuming although I am dreading the budget because I am fairly certain I will run out of money before I run out of bills this month.  But it still has to be dealt with. 

X - gym
X - read email
X - daily planning
 - organize email (limit to 15 min)
 - Jan 15 budget (limit to 15 min)
 - fill out the STUPID FORM (30 min)
 - s/w install - ~ 3 hrs depending on coworkers schedule
 - finish the Visio diagram - 2 hrs.
 - little projects as time permits
 - DR/Audit meeting - 30 min. 
 - dishes/laundry
 - dinner 
 - prep for tomorrow
 - find keys
"Some day suck less than others, and that's what keeps me going" - D A Deeb

journey 12:30

Making lots of progress on the visio diagram.  Had to actually READ the MANUAL :)
Gonna take a quick break but keep working on this as I'm on a roll. back in 10.


"Some day suck less than others, and that's what keeps me going" - D A Deeb

Journey 1:45

Forgot to check in but I'm back and hard at work on my diagram.  This is actually fun now that I'm getting the hang of it.

"Some day suck less than others, and that's what keeps me going" - D A Deeb

kromer 7:20 CI

I fell asleep too early last night, so lots to do this morning!
I'm quickly going to deal with email.
Then, I'm going to sit down and finish changing my code. I'll commit to working on it for at least an hour; if I lose focus after that it's OK.
When I stop working on code, I'll fold my laundry, get dressed, tidy my room and go to lab.

kromer 10:10 CI

In lab now.
I finished my code changes (though they're not tested yet), folded laundry, cleaned room (also wasted about 20 minutes, but at least I caught mysel)

For the rest of the day:
1)Do some background reading, figure out how AMPL code works, comment/refactor (until 11ish)
2)Test out code changes (until 12ish)
3)Start real job with revised code
4)Return library books
5)Buy new gloves
6)Check email, email A, email about lost recommendation letter, email about harambee curriculum
7)Training class 1-3
8)go running
9)research test datasets
10)Go to harambee
11)Switch rooms
12)Take a break/talk with freinds
13)Spend 20 minutes on pile of papers
14)Organize computer files

Whew! All right, time to start in on the AMPL (should be fun, actually)

kromer 12:30

OK, finally finished the AMPL stuff, it was a lot harder than I thought (and my concentration wasn't so hot)
I'm going to work on testing until my training at 1, then do my errands etc. afterward

kromer 2:50 CI

Started test, went to training, returned books, dealt with email.
Now I'm going to the gym, then will get gloves and go check on my test results. Check in when I'm done with that, around 4.
UPDATE 4:25 Went to gym, back in lab and working on test. (I decided it made most sense to get gloves on the way to harambee). I'll try to get my code completely tested before I leave (though I have to leave by 5:30, so I may have to finish testing when I get home)
The testing involves a lot of waiting around, so while I'm waiting for test runs I'll also prepare my real data analysis, and look for new datasets if time permits.

kromer 5:30 CI

Time to leave, so I guess I need to do some more work on my senior project this evening.
I did come up with a plan of exactly what I need to get done (since I'm usually pretty fried in the evening)
1)Map EG ids to matrix identifiers (matrix names->human TF names, matrix names->matrix IDs, human names->EG ids)
2)Update txnal graph to use EG ids
3)Create main graph
4)change code so it can run from one graph rather than 2
5)Run small test job
6)Post results from coregulator adjacency analysis
7)Reply to interview invitation

kromer 10 CI

OK, went to harambee and mostly finished switching rooms, also took a short break.
Now it's time to get to work.
I don't think I'm going to get through everything on my list, but I do want to get the ID mapping done, finish switching rooms, and work a bit on my pile. ID mapping first!
UPDATE 12: Finished ID mapping! I'm really on a roll with work, but I need to get to bed. I'm just going to quickly schedule interview, finish switching rooms, and go to bed (pile will have to wait until morning)

bravo, Kromer!

You seem to be having a strong day! Doing the wave here!


*Puts hands in the air*

elisaveth morning ci

There is a lot to do today, but I am feeling up for it! Here goes

check on C X
call Dr. P invite him for tea
find old files
order supplies for photo archive
continue with pile x
pick up results x
make appointment for meds
glasses for the boys
ma driver's license
call U. Mass about residency
water x
uncover 1 table
straighten the house x
watch kitchen floor X
swish and wipe the bathrooms (semis swished)
call C in sick
dentist for C
Dr. appointment for C
plan dinner x
write M. Frey

elisaveth's check out

Looking back at my todo list, I didn't accomplish much of my list, but I am pleased with myself because all the dishes are done, the kitchen floor was swept and the counters wiped. These chores are usually set for my children to do, but they do a rather unthorough job of them, so tonight I did them myself. I am also pleased because I have only used my credit card twice since November, and  that included all the holiday shopping and two mini-vacations! I am in danger of becoming solvent! (in a year or two).

I need to make more headway on things tomorrow, but for tonight, my gratitude list:

having a nice conversation with Electra
Electrician coming and fixing miscellaneous things
meeting Doctor Power
having the car today
taking the time to really take care of my 14 year old when he was sick
not nagging today
owning up to when I was in a bad mood, so the bad mood shifted
my fabulous dust mop
my willingness renewing to get rid of more stuff, even if the stuff is decent, but too much
a good friend who has finally ended an unhealthy relationship