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Friday, January 18, 2008

kaoba's list


( ) 1 walk
( ) 2 shower
( ) 3 call sil to congratulate her for her birthday (yesterday, I forgot ...)
( ) 4 call bil for the same (this one is today)
( ) 5 make appt with dr M

There is more (isn't there always ... :-)), but I'll call the day a success if those five get checked off.

Good energy to all on accomplishing your to-dos!

kaoba update

I have done:

(X) 1 walk: 35 minutes on hilly course
(X) 2 shower

Still pending:

( ) 3 call sil about her birthday
( ) 4 call bil for the same
( ) 5 make appt with dr M

Not a coincidence, all are phone calls. I dislike using the phone. Argh.

Journey 9:30

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone.  Not feeling very witty this am so I'll just get right down to business:

X - gym
X - read email
X - daily planning
X - meditate, pray and visualize a successful and productive day
 - organize email (limit to 15 min)
 - double check volume formats from last night (15 min)
 - must register for TLI today (15 min)
 - work on toastmasters budget if time (15 min)
 - submit STUPID FORM (30 min)
 - Revise visio diagram with input from coworkers (2 hours) 
 - review linux install procs / possibly work on install today (2 hours or more)
 - check with riaz on tcpip installation and encourage him to finish it speedily (15 min)
 - small projects as time permits (pev2 and server removal) (30 min)
 - Remind em about ms word -
 - journal including write top ten goals (15 min) 
 - make grocery list tonight
 - pick up something for dinner

that's all folks, should be doable.  I'm feeling pretty good about today and hope to be as productive as I was yesterday. 


Journey 1:45

OK, transition time . . .having trouble getting started on the next activity, planning s/w install.  I will get out my notes from the last install and find the official doc, review and compare them.  back at 3. 


Journey noon doing the happy dance!

The STUPID FORM has been submitted! 

Grab all your lawyer and accountant friends and let's all do the happy dance together!

You know, as much as I hate legal and financial stuff it's a good think I'm not an accountant or a lawyer!


happy dancing!



Ahhhhh! Doesn't it feel great to have that done?

Way to go!

scarlett CI 9:00 am EST

LOTS to do today.  Mustn't freak out.

To do:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Do site visit
Review WC plans
Sched reg. mtg w/ A (& go to landfill)
Sched mtg w/ GG & n00b
Respond PK re: staging
Update budget info on latest review
Take pics
Pay visa bill
Pay car loan
Fax reg & give to G
Set next workshop date


Freaking out.  Haven't been productive.  Grrrr.

scarlett - 5:40 pm

Not bad, but not great.  I did keep coming back to it, which is good.

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Check DC payment cleared
Respond PK re: staging
Brainstorm job (20 min)
Review WC plans

For Tues:
Write up project for M
Respond TH, TB, PK
Reg conf
Fax reg & give to G
Set next workshop date
Update budget info on latest review
Take pics
Sched reg. mtg w/ A (& go to landfill)
Sched mtg w/ GG & n00b
Do review

Pay visa bill
Pay car loan

freer 7:30

Well, my project that was coming together last night ran into significant technical difficulties. I didn't get a lot of sleep and I'm not where I wanted to be at this point. I'm mad about it. I let myself focus on less important elements of the project...that's also where I ran into the technical difficulties.

Okay, so here I am. I'm clearer now. I feel good about that. Back to Step One and now I take the next step.

enjoy pushing forward and finishing my project
talk to A about BC
visit M & B in hospital
play after work


Lark at 8:45am

Good morning everyone (afternoon to Elisaveth). The most important thing for today is this one project for work. Aside from doing some phonetime for work and a bit of housework, I need to focus on this, and check in when i'ts finished to plan the rest of the day. Have a good day everyone.

Lark at 5:45pm Still going.

My project is almost done, I was watching a movie a few minutes at a time, and actually finished it instead of finishing my job earlier. It worked out, but that's rather thin ice for skating. Also, a few errands got done so it added up okay. Planning to go to a meeting tonight, where everyone usually goes out for a snack afterwards. Tomorrow will be the day to check the project over, deal with the client, and get paid. Yeah! Then it'll be time to begin a project which should be done already. Hmm.

Hey, Lark

/files/smileys/glasses10.gif    elisaveth

kromer 7:40 CI

Good morning!
Big old plan for the day:
1)Morning routine
2)Work on senior thesis until 11
3)Lab mtg 11-12
4)Senior thesis 12-4
5)Gym 4-5
6)Youth group 5-9

Detailed plan for the morning:
1)Read the news (limit to 10-15 minutes) DONE 8:10
2)Tidy room, get dressed DONE 9:15 (I even made some progress on my piles of papers!)
3)Deal with email DONE 7:55
4)Update txnal graph to use EG ids DONE 8:45
5)Create main graph (decided I'll do this after I get to lab)
6)Post results of coreg. adjacency analysis
Go to lab
UPDATE 9:30--I'm really losing focus. The adjacency analysis is on my laptop, so it needs to get posted before I leave the house. I'll put on some music, get out my timer, and just get it done...should only take about 20 minutes.
UPDATE 10:20--OK, posted the part of the adjacency analysis that's on my laptop. There are still a couple more things to put up, but they're in lab and shouldn't take long. Now I'll pack lunch and go to lab mtg. Check in when that's over with a plan for the afternoon.

kromer 12 CI

Finished lab meeting.
Now I'm in lab, and need to do 4 hours of work on my senior thesis.
1)Create main graph (30 min) (Rough version DONE 1)
2)Change code so it can run with a single graph (15 min) DONE 12:30
3)Try running code (30 min)
--Break and check in
4)Change code so it can run without gene data (30 min)
5)Try running that version of code (30 min)
--Break and check in
6)Look for new datasets (1 hr)
--Break, then go to the gym

kromer 1:40 CI

Grr, losing focus, and realize there are a lot of little things I need to do to get this code working.
So, here's the revised plan:
1)Take a short (5-10 minute break), talk a walk, get my head back together
2)Work on finding test datasets: I'll do about 30 minutes of reading on datasets
3)Remove duplicates from transfac->eg mapping, document how I got the mapping
4)Fix transciptional graph
5)Create new test set
6)Create new main graph
7)Start code
8)Read more about datasets if time

And I will leave the running without gene data until the weekend.

kromer 3 CI

I got really interested in the datasets...went a little long, but think I found some good data for my project.
Next, a short break, then remove duplicates and document mapping.
I'll fix transcriptional graph if I have time, but I think that might be about it for the day.
UPDATE 3:45--I have been less than wonderfully productive, but did remove duplicates, fix transcriptional graph, start documentation. I'm going to work on the documentation for a few more minutes, then go to the gym and to youth group. Check in when I get back (around 9 if I come straight home, 11 if I go out after)

elisaveth's 12:19 check in

primped 1/2
dishwasher x
walk x
water x
meds x
hot spot x
27 fling boogie under the sink
dust mop
clear desk
file by subject/dept.

elisaveth pm check in

Things are going well: I am making steady progress on filing archives, but it is a bit daunting. I feel like I am moving a beach of sand with tweezers: every time I think I have made headway I look up and see what is ahead of me. Nevertheless, it feels like a productive day: I did not play on Hexic today, so am feeling honorable.

I am dreading the tax work that I need to do this weekend, but I absolutely must do it, so I will. I better. I am going to turn it over to my higher power so she can handle it, or else I might screw up.

elisaveth eve checkout

I worked late tonight, which I have not done for a very, very long time. It was great, productive time, and my desk is cleared except for one pile of stuff that I moved over to work on new. The house is also neat, the baths are neat, my son is working on laundry, the sink is empty, and we ate out, so there are no dishes to clean up. I still have things to work on, especially financial aide stuff and tax things. Paperwork is clearly the most deadly issue for me - I have lots of dread around even the simplest of things. I also have a dreaded phone call to make about a mistake on the college application that was submitted and I am freaking out about it, and therefore procrastinating on it.

I will time myself for 15 minutes tonight and work on arranging papers for tomorrow, and I think I will work in half hour segments tomorrow to finish up.

Gratitude list
a clean house
reciprocal conversation
a new friend at work
time to work on my own things
asking for and getting my needs met
respectful relationships
release of anxiety that I have experienced from eft
the endorfines I get from walking to work
letting go and letting God deal with my worries