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Thursday 10 January 2008

scarlett CI 11:45 pm EST

I was pretty productive tonight, but now I've stayed up way too late.  Oh well, progress not perfection.

Ta da:
Eat dinner
Pay car ins
Pay other bills
Scoop cat pans
Empty trash
Empty recycling
Work on iPod issues

Dishes (30 min)
Put away clothes (20 min)

RR's CI, 8:07 pm

Wow, haven't been here for a while due to travel and visit from friend.

cleaning apartment
deposited check
2 events

To do:
one event
find D. binder

scarlett CI 6:45 pm EST

At home, gots lots to do.  Let's see how well I can stay focused.

To do:
Eat dinner
Pay car ins
Pay other bills
Dishes (30 min)
Put away clothes (20 min)
Scoop cat pan
Empty trash
Empty recycling

I'm back!

LOL I went away for awhile because I wanted to come back with something impressive. . . eh not so much.  Luckily, even though I'm taking a couple of "zeros" on assignments, my GPA will most likely still make honor roll, especially since I kick ass on midterms (without studying either :) ).

College is still weird.  My parents want me to apply to more schools, even though I want to go to Chicago.

Pro, and all the others- thanks so much for your support, and I will try to post almost everyday (and I might resurrect the masterlist thread thing).

However. . . for today:
English- Read
Death and Dying- Read / Letter
Calc- Test, list
Bio- Two labs
Practice Piano
Leftover college junk
Hockey game!!!

I haven't taken Biology notes since August. . . so I need to catch up
Also I haven't done 3/4 of my calculus all semester.
Baby Steps!   

I found a great quote though!!!

"Inspiration exists, but it must find you working." Pablo Picasso


Journey 3:15

I've had all the visio I can handle for one day.  Actually, I've had about all of this day I can handle for one day lol.  I'm going to do one or two of my smaller tasks and then work on WPS project planning for the rest of the day.  Check in again at home tonight unless I catch myself off task again before COB. 

"Always leave your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark." - Robert Heinlein

Journey 12 noon

Whew!  Meeting finally over . . . poo was indeed flung, but a few real decisions were made and we ended up all feeling like we're on the same side so I think it was a very successful meeting.  I really hate long discussions about nothing but I have come to realize that "team building" is a very necessary part of any project.  Taking a 30-minute break and will check back in when I'm done.  I haven't even had time to pee this morning! 


Journey 1:30

Did I say 30 minutes?  I guess I meant an HOUR and 30 minutes lol!  Anyway, back now and working on my VISIO diagram! 


"Always leave your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark." - Robert Heinlein

Journey 2:30

This VISIO diagram is hard, but I'm working steadily on it.  Taking a 10 minute break. 

I bought a timer over the weekend so I'm going to set the timer for 10 mins and then check back. 


"Always leave your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark." - Robert Heinlein


"Always leave your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark." - Robert Heinlein

Hurry, and go pee!

You don't want to procrastinate with that one.

lol lark

You're right about that!


"Always leave your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark." - Robert Heinlein

freer 9

  I'm feeling scared about two big projects, but I feel hopeful after reading some of the posts. Trust is my word for the day.

--breakfast with family
clarify deadlines on BC and O projects
O - complete revised draft
BC - upload overview
decide on software upgrade
confirm breakfast meeting
half of laundry



feeling scared about two big projects

That's big procrastination time for me - when I'm scared to start a big project and don't exactly know how to start - also the boring part at the end where the project is done but you have to do the cleanup and documentation lol.  Feel the fear and do it anyway!


"Always leave your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark." - Robert Heinlein

freer 5

Thanks, Journey! I like the "Feel the fear and do it anyway!" My four and six-year-old sons will sometimes say, "I can't...I'm scared." At one point, I heard myself say, "It's okay to feel scared. I feel scared sometimes. You can feel scared and still do it. Scared is how you feel, brave is how you act." I tell that to myself a lot these days.

I had a good day! I talked with both my clients. Both project deadlines were extended unrelated to me. This feels like a big gift. Last week I didn't see how I could accomplish the work needed in the time allotted. Around the same time I found this site, and I decided maybe someone was looking out for me. A little light can go a long way when it's dark out.

I will keep pushing to finish my projects as far as I can, as soon as I can, so I don't have a last minute drama (as I am prone to create). I want to be more of the tortoise and less of the hare, or a tortoise who has more hair...

--breakfast with family
--clarify deadlines on BC and O projects
no, but good progress - O - complete revised draft
--BC - upload overview
--decide on software upgrade
--confirm breakfast meeting
--half of laundry


Journey 9 am updated noon

Good morning!  I have a busy day so I'll get right down to business.

X - gym
X - meditate, pray, and visualize a successful and productive day
X - daily planning (actual .5)
X - quick read of email (15 minutes)

X - later read and organize the rest of email - 30 min. (15 min actual)

X - prep for 10 am meeting - 30 min

X - 10 am meeting - will be confrontational - 1 hr. (2 hours actual)

 - VISIO diagram for WPS - 2 hr.
 - WPS - plan our part of s/w install - 2 hr.
 - file FSA - 30 min
 - submit third bunch of SL forms - 30 min
 - request new mouse - 15 min
 - start on bpx server removal - 30 min
 - Call about retreat - it's this weekend, call today!! - 15 min
 - fill up shampoo and conditioner for gym - 15 min
 - dishes/laundry - 30 min
 - dinner - 1 hr.
 - pay the little bills today - 15 min
 - put check in bank - 15 min
 - register me and Ina for TLI and work on club budget - 30 min
 - work on gettting to do lists back into ao - limit to 15 min. 
 - tax thing - 15 min

OK, gotta get ready for that nasty 10 am meeting in which I anticipate some flinging of poo.  I am not good at confrontation so I need to bring some poo of my own to fling.

Have a productive and successful day!


A New Day Lets Start

Splitting up my list seems to work better.

get dressed
make bed
read and respond to emails
gather a pile of papers to go through at work
checkin at 9:30

Freshstatt 9:45

15 min late checking in but I did it all yah for me.  Now it is time for work and ill even be on time!! I will make an evening list when I get home about 6:00.  Have a good day all

Came home and remembered I

Came home and remembered I was supposed to be at a friends oops. Went there and helped her out untill now, So before I go to bed I will do dishes. Have to be up early for a hair cut so good night all.

gratz fresh!

"Always leave your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark." - Robert Heinlein

75 degrees here today!!?!?

Busy day for me:

Revise proposal, send to advisor
Mechanic re car inspection, snow tire estimate
Dept. Admin re. proposal and forms, course schedule
Talk with librarian about trainings, email update to RAs and collaborators
AV assistance with research footage
schedule computer support consultation
Make medical appointments (F, DM)
Call insurance agent re reimbursements
Student services re loan and stipend disbursements
Tonight: car wash & fill-up

That's a good start, right?

Lark @ 7:18 am

I'm fighting a cold still, and I'm exhausted. When I lie down to sleep, I can't, so I get up and get even more tired. Rats. In any event, a couple sections of two work projects need to be done today, and the house needs some light to moderate attention. I'm going to try to get another hour of sleep now, so see you all later.

hope you feel better.

hope you feel better.

Thanks. I don't feel as nasty as I thought today.

Sort of unstructured today, but various and sundry things are getting done. Generally not a good way for me to function, but I'm "goin' for it" for a while longer. Most of what "should" be done is dusty, "chemically" work, so I'm doing the minimum, and leaving while things settle. The weather is tolerable enough for some outdoor work, so cleaning the car out and picking sticks and litter will also give me some fresh air.

kromer 6:45

To do this morning:
->Eat a good breakfast (DONE)
->Tidy room and make bed (DONE)
->Deal with email, email A and D (DONE)
EDIT: ->Quick analysis of THEME results (so I can figure out how panicked I need to be about work...)
FINISHED running the analysis, now I'm going to look over the results and email my supervisor
->30 minutes work on DOE computational science essay
->Go over harambee curriculum
->Fix coat, have lunch
EDIT: ->Going to take some of the afternoon off! Work is a lot less urgent than I thought, so I'm going to take advantage of the good weather

kromer 11:10 CI

I'm really losing focus, so I figured I'd check in with a more detailed plan.
I'm going to work on THEME a little while longer, than switch to something else. To do
1)Generate reverse complement sequences for canonical motifs (DONE)
2)Do PFAM analysis for peakat20,peakat40,peakat60 (DONE)
3)Compare motifs for peakat20
4)Work on DOE Comp Sci essay for 30 min
5)Have lunch (DONE)
6)Prep harambee curriculum
7)Goof off!

kromer 3:20 CI

prepped harambee curriculum, compared motifs, and went for a walk with a friend. Now I will:
->Have a snack
->work for 30 min on DOE Comp Sci essay (I've asked a friend to read it over tomorrow, so I'll have to get it DONE by then)
EDIT 4:50: I've been making good progress on my DOE essays, and since these are really urgent I'll keep working on these as long as I'm making progress (well, until I need to leave for harambee at 5:30)
->Compare other motifs
->For time points that look best, re-run THEME with Transfac and Jaspar motifs
->Results of THEME analysis don't look that great, so ask my advisor what I should do...
->Remove non-human TFs from my dataset
->go to harambee
->Check in when I get back, around 8:30 or 9

kromer 5:30 CI

Didn't get through most of my list, but I did make a fair amount of progress on my DOE Comp Sci essay, and start taking notes for my DOE High-performance computing essay. :)
Now I'm off to harambee. While I'm waiting for  the train, I'll start reading 2 journal articles I've been meaning to look at. I'll check in when I'm back from Harambee, around 8:30 or 9.

kromer 10:20 CI

I collapsed when I got home from harambee, but now I really need to get some work done.
->Take out non-human TFs
->Automate motif comparison (should be pretty easy, and it's a big waste of time to keep doing it by hand)
->Shower, Bible, and bed