Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 7 January 2008


       Welcome to MONDAY !

Edge's CI - 12:00AM (Tuesday)

My to do list is minimal today. I figured I'd relax and watch TV for a change.

X email Jen

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

N's CI

Happy New Year to everyone.

It's good to be back here.  Really need the help -- in every way.

To do:




scarlett CI 10:15 am EST

Hi, back again.  Here we go.

To do:
Eat breakfast
Take pill
Pay DC bill
Update to do
Respond Ven e
Review plan

10 am CI for Lark(5pm_10pm)

Hi everyone. Wonderful morning here (60 degrees), so you should have it tomorrow Pro. I'll send it your way! Today I'm doing everything involving outside work. I've been running a little behind with inside stuff, but it can certainly wait for a bit.
To do:
 (X)morning routine
 (X)spiritual time
 (X)open up workshop, sweep, tidy, etc.
 (X)work this morning on main work project
 (X)do a section for the client I want to "fire"
 (X)take care of the next client if he shows (but don't call to remind him if not)
 call about insurance
 (X)check in here this afternoon

Journey 7 am

Good morning!  I'm working from home today, which can be a disaster if I don't watch myself, so I'll be checking in regularly.  I have my yearly female-type checkup this afternoon, so I need to get as much done before noon as possible. 

Right now, I'm going to go out to the car and get my work computer, read email, then exercise for 30 minutes. 


journey 9 am

email taken care of.  office phone forwarded to home, gettingn on treadmill for 30 min and then taking a quick shower and getting completely dressed and ready.  back by 10


Journey 11:00

been back for an hour but didnt' take a shower yet, going to do that right, back in 20 min, no dawdling!


Journey 11:20

back!  now, work on WPS project until time to go to doc. 
1) outline of steps WE need to take
2) backward planning/timeline
3) thinking about steps to create new servers aas needed

That should keep me busy until time to go to my appointment.  I have a conference call at 3:00 but I don't know if I'll make it as I'll probably be in stirrups about that time.  It took months to get an appointment with this new doc so I'm not rescheduling.  "Excuse me doc, I have to take this call, do you mind??"



kromer 7 CI

Morning plan:
Already dressed, had breakfast
To do: Go get soda (DONE 7:10)
Finish org. finances (20 min) (DONE 7:30)
--10 minutes of distraction (NH polls)
Finish weekly planning (40 min)
Write expt. descriptions (20 min)
Leave for work at 8:30, check in when I get there

kromer 10 CI

An hour late to lab, not so great :(
I did finish my weekly planning at home. I organized house jobs (which I'd forgotten I needed to do today), rather than writing expt. descriptions. Now back on track!
I'll start with something easy, spending an hour or so catching up on biology journals. Check in when I'm done with that.
UPDATE 10:50 journal reading going slowly, but I've gotten through the latest issue of Genome Research; I'm going to go through the last issue of Nature genetics and then move on to some other work.

kromer 11:15 CI

Finished my catch-up on journals. Now, I will analyze my THEME results from last week. This should take about an hour and a half. I'll check in when I'm done.
EDIT 11:30 I found the files I need, and have a plan for the analysis.
Step 1) review how to use the script
Add a summary of using this script to my how-tos page. Started 11:30, DONE 12:00
Step 2) Find significant motifs, generate logos for them, post. Started 12:05 DONE 1:00
--10 min break, back at 1:10--
Step 3) Find names and Transfac motifs associated with canonical TFs Started 1:15 DONE 1:40
--Wow, this analysis is taking much longer than I thought! I think I'm making good progress, though--
Step 4) Find PFAM ids associated with canonical TFs Started 1:45 DONE 2:15
Step 5) Generate logos for relevant transfac motifs Started 2:20 DONE 3:20
Step 6)Look over results, write up a short summary Started 3:20 DONE 3:35
Step 7 (really that last step this time))Make logos for FBPs, post, look over Started 3:35 DONE 3:50
--After this is done, I'm going to go for a run, then do some work from home (can't stand lab any more today :rolleyes:)--

kromer 3:50 CI

Done with THEME analysis! Yay!
I'm going to walk home and go for a run, check back in when that's done (around 5:30 probably)

kromer 7 CI

Haven't gone for my run yet...have spent the past 2.5 hours sitting at home, reading and feeling down/very scattered.
I've gotten myself together and am going out for a run, for real now. Check in when I get back.

kromer 8:25 CI

Did it! Ran, and showered (with 20 minutes of goofing off in the middle, but it's still OK.
Still feel a bit blue, but much better.
Plan for the rest of the evening:
->Deal with email (15 min) DONE 8:55
->Email lab technician (10 min)
->Start laundry (5 min)
->Read Bible (15 min)
->Write expt summaries (20 min)
->email prof (10 min)
->Clean kitchen (1.5 hrs)
->Fold laundry (30 min)
->Tidy room (15 min)

kromer 11:40 CI

Started laundry and cleaned kitchen.
Now, on to experiment summaries and emailing prof. and lad tech.

yay, kromer!!

Way to go, on the run - good job!! :)

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

elisaveth's monday check in

To do today
optometry appointment (find prescription, bring old glasses)
O over
Eleni reservation
tax review
meds x
bed x
swish wash
pay bills
transfer money
big book
quiet time
empty buckets

Chronia Polla to all persons whose name is related to John!

movingalong's monday list

To do:
Balance bank account
Pay electric bill
Work at job
Go to appt.
Phone K.

movingalong's monday update

* Balanced checkbook
* Made arrangements to pay electric bill in three installments
* Worked at job

Had to cancel appointment
Didn't have time to phone K.

* Remembered to bring trashbin to curb for pickup

pro's Monday morning to-do list

- Clean bathroom sink.
- Clean tub.
- Water plants.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.