Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday September 22

Julie's 5:30 CI

To do:
Grade Roles assignment-I have completed 6 of 19 papers;9 of 19 done
Look for H.D. contact info.
Work on homework for Spanish class-30 minutes
Find out how to set up student calendar
Pick up office-15 min
Pick up downstairs bedroom-15 min.
Exercise-15 minutes
Check on shuttle for trip
Read Bible

Sun. evening

To do:

Quit putting off dinner & eat something before I do anything else
Check clothes for upcoming week, do laundry
Do a quick grocery run


All except the dryer

The clothes are in the wash.  Gotta switch them to the dryer, then -- done!


Gwen D 1:15 PM To Do

I have at least backed out of a tentative plan to see Lawrence of Arabia in 70 MM at the theater down the block. That's rather painful. I love that movie...

I am in denial. I'm sleepy. I think I have lots of work to do, but I'm not really doing any of it. If I make a list here, maybe I will better understand what's at stake and what must be done.
First, big and rough:
Lay in text of newsletter to template. Work in CS2, in case I pass this job onto my friend this time.
Finish editing friend's grant proposal. Set timer, work on paper, then in Word.
Understand UOLLF form. You have to get this done this week!! What's the main problem?
Next: chores that I avoid or make last for hours when I have better things to do:
vacuum --- for heaven's sake, this would only take 15 minutes at the most.
do laundry -- a couple loads
take my dry cleaning around the corner ---
Make dinner, and lunch, and whatever else food... (yawn)
Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

No Regrets.

At 2:24, I got very near posting this: I really want to run down the street and go to this movie!! It starts in 5  minutes. 

Not only did it turn out that I actually went to the movie after all (my self took me out of my house against all my protestations, it was weird), I had a great time. And I thought the right time to leave was after LofA emerges from the desert into the Officers Club in Sinai. Minutes later on the bright sunlit street, I received a call from my newsletter client. She wanted to take me to dinner and was going to have one more restaurant review to make the newsletter easier to lay out. 
Dinner was beyond delicious. Then there was ice cream. I did not sit at my desk and work, but I did experience joy and so, I have no regrets.
Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Gwen D 8:!2 PM bookend

Just want to say, I vacuumed. Eating was taken care of, my house is clean, I'm set to take my medicine and ready to be at work on time tomorrow. I have also sent a TOC to my client for her to do some writing. 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Amy's CI 9:41

Amy's To Do List for This Weekend

1. Give Larry and George a bath
2. Continue organizing office
3. Hang up pictures
4. Complete Drop box
5. Get jewelry box
6. Work for 9, 10, hours
7. Change cat litter thingy
8. Read day 4
9. Read day 5
10. Vaccum
11. Clean off table downstairs
12. Balance checkbook

Stuff added to list:

13. Post lesson plans
14. Make October 1-5 lesson plans
15. Make October 8-12 lesson plans
16. Make sure everything is ready for next week
17. Print out next week's homework
18. Add 3 e-mail addresses
19. Correct dropbox

Check in by midnight

Amy's CI 11:28 p.m.

Amy's To Do List for This Weekend

1. Give Larry and George a bath
2. Continue organizing office
3. Hang up pictures
4. Get jewelry box
5. Vaccum
6. Clean off table downstairs
7. Balance checkbook

Stuff added to list:

8. Print out next week's homework
9. Correct dropbox

Check in by midnight

Journey CI

Looking over yesterday's list, I see that I got MOST of the most important tasks done.  I could have done a lot more if I didn't play video games for 3 or 4 hours.  I can't seem to stay away from this computer!   Although like PRO says, if it wasn't video games it would be something else.  Maybe even something worse :D

Finish straightening the house
Put pot roast in the crock pot
Take Em shopping for a new pair of jeans - allow at least 3-4 hours for this!!
sort laundry and wash, dry and fold two loads
Color my hair
Paint my toenails - DONE - LOL
Submit Club Dues online
If time, work on organizing car
Dinner - should be cooking itself in the crock pot while I shop
Clean up the kitchen AGAIN - why bother?  It will just be dirty again tomorrow ! ? :-?
Put some new music on my mp3 player

Check in at 8 pm, by then I should be done and winding down to get to bed early. 
Video games will be allowed at this point. 

ANd in the interest of having a quality list, I'll stop here.  If I get all this done I'll be happy.
Happy Sunday everyone.


Sunday morning CI for Lark

Good morning everyone. I've been putting off a project for a few weeks, and I plan to get it finished today. It seems I overbook myself all the time, because I'm fearing financial distress, when I have enough to do okay, one thing at a time. For this week I'm trying to finish some things, and keep my workload less. Today, I'm focusing on the main job, with short breaks for small taxks. I've found by doing our t10th Step each evening, that helps somewhat (when I do it, that is).
 morning things
 spiritual time
 main work project
 kitchen floor work between times
 put laundry away
 visit sick relative
 put anything away which needs put away, using the timer for various periods.
 check in around lunch

Larry and George

Ferrets, cool.  We used to have pet rats which were a lot of fun but also a lot of trouble and expense :) They hated their baths. 


N's Bookend

To do:

One hour of work