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Saturday 1 September 2007

Amy CI

To Do List

Post Lessons

Wolf Lesson

Put new bed spread on

Email YUW contacts

Clean bathrooms- Top Priority

Get new liner from PetCo- Saturday

Let Larry and George out

Give Larry and George a bath

Feed everyone

Vaccum- Sunday

Take off fingernail polish

Decide on new lesson for SL

Deposit checks

Transfer money for payments

Anniversary Dinner
Check in at 10 pm

Mark CI 1:52 PM EST

To do:

  • file papers
  • test bug and commit
  • eat key lime pie
  • set up monitor
  • stretch
  • watch A Nous la Liberte
  • read a chapter of Foer
  • clean desk
  • case manager speed up -> set up dev installation and locate relevant bottleneck code
  • clean by bed
  • file nails and practice ligado

Key lime pie

Hi Mark,

I love it that you have "eat key lime pie" on your to-do list!  I hope it was tasty!


Key lime pie


Yup, alas it was the only thing I did on the list (although I had 2 pieces).  mmm... tasty...


pro's CI - 4:45pm

I'm back from my bike ride and relaxing on the pier. I came back early than planned because I'm hungry, and I made a commitment to myself to eat at home rather than eating out.

Part of what I have to do this weekend is cooking stuff to freeze for the week, to bring to work with me. So I'll do that now.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 1:30pm

Another dull day-thread opener - no graphics, no colors, same old phrase. :(

I put away all the tools I threw all over the floor while putting up the mirror in the bathroom yesterday. I sold a lot of my tools when I moved, but I still have a ridiculous number of duplicates. For example, I have more screw drivers and hex wrenches than any person needs. I stuffed it all back in the toolbox. I'll deal with it another day. Right now I want to get showered and outside.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

perfect day

I just checked the weather, and it could not be more perfect out. Sun in NYC doesn't necessarily mean nice - it could be unbearably hot. But it's just 75 degrees out. I'm going over to the pier on my bicycle with a book. (Work? Did I say I was going to do work? Later.)

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

what what to read?

I finished the 7th Harry Potter. What to read?

I could bring my Sirius radio (I have a Stiletto). I should get good reception on the pier.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Long weekend

For those of us in the U.S. it's Labor Day weekend.  I've been counting on getting a bunch of things done over the long weekend, and now that it's here I've got a whole lot of stuff to do and little inclination to do it.

Gee, I bet I'm the only here who's ever been in THAT boat.  ;-)

So I'm trying to figure out what my actual goals are, what I really want/need to get done to feel good about it when I start up the work week again on Tuesday.  By the end of the long weekend, I'd like to have:

A balanced checkbook
A system in place for writing down how much I'm spending
A tidy apartment (not necessarily vacuumed, dusted, etc., but with things in their places)
Clean laundry
A better comfort level with music for Monday rehearsal
New library books and old ones returned
Groceries in the fridge
Two rounds of weight-lifting done
Upcoming tasks organized into GTD system
Three walks taken (or other exercise)

And I also want some time to relax, think, and decompress before the school year starts up.

I have to get the library books today while the library is open.  Since my car is in the shop, I'll walk there, which will also take care of exercise for today and give me a chance to woolgather & relax a bit (it's very nice out today.)  So, next up:

  • Eat a snack
  • Gather library books
  • Walk to library


O.k., here's the deal

So far, so good -- I got to the library & back, picked up the car, & ate dinner.  It was great to get some exercise.

So here's the deal.  If I:

  • Do 10 minutes of weight lifting
  • Spend 20 minutes getting started on my checkbook (starting with finding & gathering my statements)
  • Run through my music

Then I get to go into town later this evening & catch a little of the sidewalk concert.  Maybe even buy a goodie for dessert.

Pro is right -- in the New York area it is just incredibly nice out.  A great send-off for summer!


Off to town

Done.  Going out to enjoy the rest of this nice evening in town.


how many plan to "catch up" this weekend?

I identified with your post. Every time I have a long weekend, I am filled with plans to catch up on this or that. Usually I end up blowing it. I'll see how well I do this weekend. I have a lot of stuff I can't get away from doing, like laundry.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

I wanted (want?) to catch up too.

It was beautiful weather in SF too. Just perfect. Probably 75. My house is still a mess AND people are coming over. I have things to do too this weekend. I will just try to do a quick straightening up now -- go play tonight, but tomorrow I'll try to figure out what I can really do to put a dent in these things.

Catch up?

Hah, I've been trying to catch up all week, but I seems something always comes up. I triend to finish a project for work this evening, and I made a medium-sized mistake. I'm going to put that off till tomorrow, fearing doing anything else may cause a bigger mistake. Ugh. Sometimes it's best to put things off till the time is better.

Julie's 9:20 CI; 12 pm CI; 5 pm; 1:30-I should be in bed!

*Priorities for today


Morning routine*
 Walk Zoe*
Write quizzes 6-11
Grade observation questions*
Read Chapter 2 of AG and write question
Make changes to T's report
Write-15 minutes
Hotel reservations for conference*
Work on PN plan-15 minutes*
Clean Fern and Patricia's cage*
Pick up laundry room
Pick up office-15 minutes*
Clean out car-15 minutes*
Email about class-both instructors*
 Register for conference*
Email team about donations*
Email about committee?
Practice Portugese-15 minutes
Read Bible
 Feed Fern and Patricia
B's medicine*

8:45CI for Lark

Hi everyone. Yesterday was a hard day for me, yet I managed to make progress. No one was really at fault, just things broke, traffic jammed terribly, alot of people stopped by, etc. I made progress on my big thing for work, and hope to finish it today. My brother and niece are coming to visit, and we're having lunch and visiting our relative in the nursing home. I also have to tidy things up before they arrive, though they aren't bad, but it's amazing how motivated we become to do housework when people are coming! Perhaps I should invite visitors every day or two?
To do:
 morning routine
 spiritual time
 house tidying
 go to bank
 finish work project
 order stuff for floor
 turn off ventilation fan
 lunch etc. with brother and niece
 wash dishes
 check in here

Edge's CI - 12:40PM

Hi guys. Been away for a while. Haven't been setting written to-do lists lately. Been in a bit of a funk. Found a really good site though that I'll share later that really helps with getting yourself organized and motivated. Going to post just a few tasks today to begin with, but won't be able to check in often since my home internet is cut off.

- Finish RSTC lists x4 and send to M
- Move PC files onto drive E for formatting
- Call techie guy and schedule meeting time

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Edge's Closing CI

X Finish one RSTC lists (three left)
X Move PC files onto drive E for formatting
X Call techie guy and schedule meeting time
X 1:30 WRC check and mod Jim
X 5-7PM IT class
X Clean room

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Rexroth 06.18 BST

Todo today

up post this
prayer reflection meditation
deal with phone messages emails post
email various people re my landlord problems
email various people re visits abroad
book cab
bath and wash hair
wash towels
iron shirts
trial pack
wash trousers


and so on just getting ready to go away

write journal
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep


Rexroth 13.57 BST

I feel chaotic and I'm getting on and getting things done.


Rexroth 08.56 BST

It's Sunday. I went to sleep without posting out.

Night or rather morning Folks