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Thursday 30 August 2007

To do this evening

  • Short walk
  • Try 10 mins. of weight lifting
  • Return phone call
  • Answer email
  • Get stuff ready for tomorrow


Done (slowly!)

Done.  O.k., done after much poking around & foot dragging & pursuing distractions, but done.  I think I must be needing some time to process stuff & clear out my brain, and meanwhile I'm instinctively trying to shut down.  Good thing there's a long weekend coming up soon.

And I'm psyched to have finally started doing a little weight lifting!  O.k., a VERY little, but that's o.k., it's good to start small.

Good night,


Bookend 3:21 pm EST

To do:

45 mins. reading/notetaking for dissertation.


Easy Does It.


Done.  Now off to a meeting.  :)

Julie's 9 am CI;12:15 CI; 1 am CI


1. Morning routine
2. Walk Zoe
. Enter info in Gradebook
Add quizes to Utest-add remaining weeks
5. Update senior pic letter/email to RN's
Practice Portugese-15 minutes
Read Bible
Email F.
Take C dog food 
10. Make changes to T's report
11. Grade observation questions
12. Hotel reservations for conference
13. Clean office-15 minutes
14. Pick up laundry room
Feed Fern and Patricia
16. Pick up office-15 minutes
17. Read Chapter 2 of AG and write question
18. Clean out car-15 minutes
Make decision about class
20. Register for conference
21. Clean Fern and Patricia's cage
Check on books for students
23. Check on decision book
24. Work on PN plan-15 minutes

9:00 am CI for Lark

I'm tired today, so I'm going to post only the important things for this morning. When I've gotten my most important task done, I'll take a little nap for 15 or 20 minutes.
 morning routine
 spiritual tiime
 important work project
 check in afterwards

Rexroth 08.09 BST

Todo today

up post this
prayer reflection meditation
deal with phone messages emails post
check list of stuff to take away
out to buy a few bits
home and list todos before leaving
email last night's date to say thank you
check legal/admin file
probably photocopy documents for case


and then?

write journal
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep


Rexroth 13.27 BST

I'm home and having a rest. I now have everything I need to go away except a spare pair of glasses which I have arranged to collect tomorrow. It's strange when I was out I was tempted to come home and get the stuff I needed tomorrow or the next day.


Rexroth 21.23 BST

and so to bed

Night Folks


Amy's To Do List

To Do List

Fish test

Shark test

Job interview question page

Email YUW contacts

Clean bathrooms- Top Priority

Get new liner from PetCo

Get Frontpage from mama

Give Kit a bath

Order t-shirt

Read chapter 2

Complete 1 forum- due Friday

Complete 1 drop box

Feed Kit, Larry, George, and Marie

Check in at 9:00 p.m.

Amy's CI- 10:04 p.m.

Updated To Do List

Post Lessons

Wolf Lesson

Put new bed spread on

Job interview question page

Email YUW contacts

Clean bathrooms- Top Priority

Get new liner from PetCo- Saturday

Get Frontpage from mama- Friday

Give Kit a bath- Saturday

Order t-shirt- Get check on Saturday

Read chapter 2- On page 62

Complete 1 forum- due Friday

Complete 1 drop box- due Friday