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36 years later, he finally finished PhD

You may have seen this in the news.  I know several members here are working on their dissertations.

After 36 years, someone finally finished his PhD in Astronomy.

(He got distracted by being the guitarist for the rock band "Queen").

It's never too late to finish!   But hopefully it won't take us all this long.

--  Laughing  I'm movingalong, and I am a procrastinator.  Still working on my bachelors degree -- 32 years after finishing high school. 

I finished my degree...

...nearly 22 years after graduating from high school.  It does feel good to be making progress on it, doesn't it?

Of course, I'm silly enough to have started on an MBA program now...


my Bachelors was 20 years down the pike

Keep it up, movingalong. It's definitely worth it. Yeah. I was thinking about how I came in under the wire this last year by getting this job -- in terms of meeting a life goal. I finally almost really feel like I have a career. Still, THAT was 5 years after that degree was got (which made an ENORMOUS difference in my sense of worth, by the way). I feel really good about where I get to be now and I don't entirely regret what I got to do in the meantime. But....

(great link too! Love Queen :grin: )
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