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Saturday 24th June 2006

Book-ending means doing this:

1. Post a message committing to do a specific task during a specified period of time.

2. At the end of that period of time, post a message reporting on what you did.

7.00 am Bookend: Started

:)I'm going to get up at 7.00 am and do my morning routine
:)I'll collate the stuff I need for the conference*, plus something to work on between the workshops I'm giving^

:) *Travel plans
:) *Session plans
:) ^Summer School plans

:) Will I need packed lunch? Better do one just in case. AND packed evening meal.

9.00 am Bookend: Ready to go! See you later.

:) Go to the conference
:( Hospice (I went, but it wasn't a smiley moment)
[err] Come home and unpack my stuff and put it away
[got sidetracked by work!] ****CHECK IN OPPORTUNITY 15 mins****Don't get sidetracked

9.46 pm Bookend
Well, I got an Email from a potential client, and I couldn't reply to him until I'd sorted some costings out, which I did, then I amended my publicity so I could forward it to him, then I replied - so I got up-to-date with all that stuff that's been hanging over my head too! Yay! I'd come back ready to veg out as well, but getting that enquiry perked me up.

:) Daytime Routine
[Next - probably won't report back tonight] Bedtime Routine
[Defer to Sunday] Add new tasks for next week onto my 'Future Bookending' Master Plan!
[Yup - CUOP] Will I have time for fun time?
[On target!] In bed by 11.00 pm

Not gonna make it!

It's 5 to 11 - I'm not going to make it, but I'll be close!

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Too hyper

12.10 now but I'm still here - tired but too hyper to go to bed. I'm really going to have to stop overriding autoshutdown - the computer screen seems to keep me awake. DSO's just offered to make hot chocolate - ~must~ be bedtime!

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insomnia here, too

I discovered the wonders of my cable provider today - all kinds of movies (some free, some paid), on-demand shows and specials of all kinds, music videos... All of included in my cable fee except some of the movies. I watched quite a few really great movies today - some free, some paid (just $3.95). Now I'm a little hyper. :P

TV & Cable

The evils of telly! The main reasons I don't have a telly are that a) there's a load of rubbish on telly, and b) if I have a tell I actually watch that rubbish. What a waste of life. I thought like that even before I started working with people at the end of life, but I'm even more that way inclined now.

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