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TL - Fri, June 23

Went trail running this morning and wiped out. So had a change of plans. Going to pool.

Plan on study 2 hrs sometime later today in 30 min blocks.

Need to contact bank and call dr and get oil changed.

Got some discouraging family news that lowered my feelings, but I'm going to move my muscles and be productive anyway.

"Every act of self-control leads to greater self-respect.":)

don't forget to take some time off!

It's the weekend, tl. Do you have some guilt-free fun planned? Don't forget to take some time off. I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to attempt work every waking minute, and then get angry at myself when I "steal" time off - which of course I need because I'm only human.

I want to do some consulting work today, but I also want to relax, too. I might get a pay-per-view movie. (It's hot, humid, and raining outside.)

tl Good Luck with the Bookending

I'm off to bed shortly but I'll try to check in again tomorrow and see how you got on.

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good for you

Actually, I was running trails this morning and fell in scrapped my knee. Went to campus nurse and she cleaned and said to try to keep off of it today. So I did and did not accomplish much. But I'm going to study 30 min.

I liked you list of projects. Do you do GTD? Noticed you referred to red tasks.

I'm glad we are utilizing this board. It works when we work it:)

I ~do~ GTD

When I was doing my regular weekly review (never got to be a habit) I would either re-allocate my red tasks or I'd be so sick of re-allocating them I'd either decide it wasn't that big a deal after all, and just drop it, or decide it ~was~ a big deal and just do it. I found I was putting things off initially because I was over-ambitious/unrealistic about what I could do. Using the GTD system I've been able to become more conscious/realistic about that, but I still get the red things from time to time. I also like to put in the date that I set the task so I can see how long I've put it off!

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