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Monday 23 July, 2007

Gmarie - new day, new work week...

All work not even gonna add home to-dos.
**A revelation! ** I was feeling too embarrassed to check-in when I didn't finish my list (or even START it, sometimes)and then I realized something - nobody cares! =D My "undones" slipped down the list into oblivion and I had to hunt through multiple postings to even FIND my old lists to copy and past to the new day. heeheehee
CELDT calendar
STAR checklist - start
CELDT job responsibilities
STAR contacts
CAHSEE contacts
Accountability letters
Scantron selections
STAR job responsibilities
STAR calendar
CAHSEE job respnsibilities
CAHSEE calendar
Scantron outline
Accountability outline

Mark CI 12:56 PM EST

To Do:

  • file paths munged both in db and in the file repository
  • review deltas to make sure I haven't missed anything else that needs munging
  • test munged data -- full feature test
  • thumbnails -- height/width tweak
  • thumbnails -- working with value cached in the MedCase object
  • clean office
  • find old resume and add section for my current job
  • track down possible reference from previous job
  • finish Machen book
  • read one article in NY Review of Books
  • stretch
  • cardio
  • read the paper

8:45am CI for Lark(11:35pm)

Too many things are becoming repeats on my posts--and they're all things I don't want to do. I've been starting a new policy of billing my clients "as needed", which keeps my income more level, but I have alot of trouble doing that. I like to get a nice chunk of money at the end, but I can seldom afford  to do that, Also, I hear my ego telling me it "looks better" to wait. Argh. In any event, I need to contact my client TODAY, so they can settle with me, and I can settle my accounts before the month's end. Does anyone else do this--or have any idea whay I do it?! Help.

 (X)morning routine (the coffee's really good this morning)
(X) meditate
 (X)go to the end of "the dreaded task"
(X) put out garbage
 (X)check in here again
(X)call and bill client

Rexroth 07.52 BST

Todo Today

up post this
prayer reflection meditation
deal with phone messages emails post
prepare place for builders
work on files subject to interuptions by builders

and that's it for now


Rexroth 11.49 BST

So far I've got on with small fiddly things and I don't want to start anything big, or confidential, until the builders have been. As they haven't arrived yet it's likely to be some while before they leave.

So patience...

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 21.23 BST

Well the builders didn't come and I haven't got much done. The projects I wanted to do were all confidential and I just didn't want the papers lying around when they came. I wrote to the probate court abroad and then started crying so I'm glad they didn't turn up then. I've also done a lot of banking/money work which is good and stuff I tend to do first ever since belonging to DA.

I'm now just out of bed where I will return in a few moments to get on with my psychology homework.

Also before I go to sleep I need to email landlords.

Will post again later.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 22.16 BST

Landlords emailed.

And so to bed.

Night folks


Julie's list for Monday;8:30 CI; 11:10 am: 12:45 am

12:45-I'm going to call it a night. I'll check in at 8 am.

Good morning to everyone! My list is rather long today, but I think I can get quite a bit done. I forgot to put morning routine and walk Zoe on here so those have to come first. I"m still struggling with getting to bed by 1 am so I'm a little tired...

Check on # of copies of Amazing Grace
Order Amazing Grace
Check # of other books for class
Call CSTL re: links
Website-enter pp's and set up discussion forum
Sort students' email
Email student re: dropping

Africa trip
Review book and decide which pages to copy
Make copies
Suitcase down from attic
Vet appt. for Zoe
Daycare paperwork filled out
Review list and get supplies for me
Get medical supplies

Decide which journal to submit to
Write outline-15 minutes

Clean closet-15 minutes
Clean Patricia's aquarium
Sort through books-15 minutes
Review notes for presentation
Get pp ready to take
Read Bible
Work out for 20 minutes

Work Misc.
Email Gloria re: meeting
Hotel for PNEG

Three appointments
11:30 be on time
1:30  be on time
5:45 be on time

To Do List

To Do List

1. Print off worksheets for three lessons

2. Get worksheets laminated

3. Go to bank

4. Pick up car

5. Meet mama at Barnes and Noble and eat lunch

6. Go to Wal-Mart for work and my own groceries

7. Do 2 forum posts for 373

8. Walk 3 miles 

9. Do ab roller for 10 minutes

10. Clean garage for 15 minutes

11. Print mama's task list

12. Write down date for tetnus shot in planner

13. Look over final project (tasks)

14. Organize folders for the pocket folders (communication arts)

Edge's CI - 7:50AM

Morning, everyone :-)

- Finish and send CV
- Ask for sales personnel

- Dishes (?)
- Confirm number of tickets and buy
- Wash litter box
- Email Morgan
- Check up on M
- Try out new brand sample
- FH
- Water cooler needs cleaning (reminder)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Edge's Closing CI

As can be clearly seen by my unticked to-do list, I did very little on Monday. The reason? After a particularly long day at work, all I wanted to do was relax...and I did. For hours. Then I went to sleep :rolleyes: Will finish off this to-do today (which is Tuesday).

- Finish and send CV
X Ask for sales personnel

- Dishes (?)
X Confirm number of tickets and buy
- Wash litter box
- Email Morgan
- Check up on M
- Try out new brand sample
- FH
- Water cooler needs cleaning (reminder)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway