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Sunday July 8, 2007

Checking in

I just got home and have a little time before I go walk. I want to:
1.  finish the article I've been working on by 8 pm
2. clean my office for 15 minutes
3. read over the medical book for my trip for 15 minutes

Very late night of walking dogs!

Just got back from walking not too long ago. My younger daughter wasn't feeling well and I ended up going to pick up her dog, Kit, so she wouldn't miss her walk (We love our dogs around here!) So I had to walk her dog and mine. Not fun! I worked really hard to get to her house by 9 pm but ended up running about 5 minutes late. Not a huge deal I know but I was disappointed in myself. I'm really wanting to improve on this. Tomorrow I have two appointments so I will have a couple of opportunities to try again. I finished the article but nothing else. I will work on my list tomorrow between appointments. I'm going to bed by 1:30 so I can get up by 8:30. I'll check in then.


My home internet connection disappeared, today.  So much for working 8 hours...  I'm at a coffee place and maybe can work here the next 4 1/2 hrs until they close. 

  • DONE update test installation with fix
  • DONE investigate transparent div suggestion
  • work on case rating
  • thumbnails -- finish 1st phase implementation and investigate popup enhancement
  • review bugzilla items
  • clear out unused development installations

Plan for Today

Plan for Today

P.E.D.L. - Plan, Execute, Debrief, Learn

  • Finish Art Slides
  • Start on definitions
  • Start on Client #1 Taxes
  • Lift Weights
  • Invoice Clients


  • Four mile run

Execution for Today


P.E.D.L. - Plan, Execute, Debrief, Learn

  • Finish Art Slides: Finished & Reviewed
  • Start on definitions: Started
  • Start on Client #1 Taxes: Put off again; another client called in with project to work on (my excuse anyway)
  • Lift Weights: Yes, I did get to it. Good workout
  • Invoice Clients: Put off again. :-(


  • Four mile run: good run

11:25 check-in

I am going to work on an article I'm writing and will check back in at 12:00. It is just a one page article so I want to finish it today.

Noon check in

I've made good progress, but still have more work to do on this article. I'm leaving soon to run some errands, but will check back in and write some more when I return.

8:40am CI for Lark

I'm not very good at starting the daily threads, so I hope this will work. I hope more folks start to check in here. It's nice to have some interaction. I bought another answering machine/cordless phone, and although the directions are in five languages, they failed to include English. While I have a minimal knowledge of several, it doesn't include technical stuff well. I hope I don't waste too much time with it.
 (X)morning routine
 meditate, reflect
 try to figure out, hook up phone stuff
 normal house cleaning
 call Dave
 visit hospital
 mow grass
 make work schedule
 check in here again

Hi Lark

Hope your morning is going well. Good luch with the instructions! I would be in trouble with that because I don't speak any other languages.

Hey Julie

I got it together just fine. Not that I was good and it was hard, though. It practically did itself. I hope your day went well. Mine was a little above average. Not too much to catch up on for tomorrow. Bye.