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Saturday July 7, 2007

The weekend is starting folks!

next 24 hours

gotta get a lot done.  It took 3 months for my city taxes to clear, and now I'm in a hole.  Joy. 

  • DONE A1 address external links issue
  • B1 case ratings -- popup
  • DONE A1 thumbnails -- write munge script
  • A2 thumbnails -- experiment with popup alternative -- check performance
  • A3 integrate custom attribute with SavedSearch
  • A1 finish remote search
  • B2 review bugzilla items
  • A1 clock 8+ hours
  • C1 take stuff to thrift store
  • B1 cardio
  • B2 file docs in office
  • C1 clean off desk
  • B3 assess finances and plan a budget
  • C2 read Postman Always Rings Twice
  • C3 guitar -- practice Bach (and sccales/ligado/arpeggios)
  • B2 print checks for records

if all A-level tasks, then relax for an hour, listen to music and read the paper
if all B-level, then 1 hour with family
if all C-level, then watch a movie or read comics

If no level completed, then start to sell off stuff on ebay and

Plan for Today

Plan for Today

P.E.D.L. - Plan, Execute, Debrief, Learn

  • Purchase Aquarium Chiller
  • Install Aquarium Chiller
  • Finish Art Slides
  • Start on Client #1 Taxes
  • Invoice Clients


  • Bike for an hour

11:50 am CI for Lark (and 10:50pm(

Hi everyone. Some things came up that may divert my day, so I think I should do the most important things first.
 (X)morning things
 (X) meditation
 (SOME progress) another section of work project A
 (X) trim grass 
 (X) visit hospital
 (X)call brother
 clean kitchen a bit

Up by 8:30 but tired

Well I made it up by 8:30 but I didn't quite get to bed last night by 1:30 which was my goal. It was more like a little after 2 am. My daughter is picking me up at 9:45 though and I want to be ready to go. She does Pet Pals (visiting nursing homes with her dog) a couple of Saturdays a month, and I go with her. I'm never ready when she comes to pick me up for that so she will be really surprised. I"m doing a lot of running around today but plan to get a few things done by this evening:
1. Finish 29 article
2. Pick up meds for trip at pharmacy
3. Spend 15 minutes cleaning my office
4. Vacuum out my car
5. Email Kim
6. Wash windows
7. Take a nap (:
I will check back in by 5 pm and see how all this goes. Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing Saturday!

Late check-in

I did surprise my daughter by being ready when she got here. She actually was about 20 minutes late herself, but she still didn't expect me to be ready and waiting when she got here (: I finished only #2 and #5 on my list so I want to get with it tomorrow. I did go to church and to a movie and shopped a little with my daughter so it was a good day, but I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. I am really tired, so I think I may actually get to bed before 1:30 tonight.