Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 28 June 2007

Pityspatt's CI


Pay fx
Email EC
Assemble broch, flyer & cards -- ACC
Flyer -- CB
Broch/Flyer -- FS
Fax doc/applic
Laundry 1 load
Pick up LR

Gotta have the Yoga

I hope you got your Yoga in. I'm getting mine in tomorrow morning.



2:15pm CI for Lark (and 10:30pm)

I'm late today, and feeling tired and lazy. I did get rid of a nightmare of a work project, thank goodness. Lots of external things are going down around here, and those are always invitations to procrastination.

(X) morning routine
(X) run errands for the morning
(X) order supplies
(X) clean up in and around workshop
(X) take rx. to drugstore to be refilled
(X) send in sick relative's payments for bills
(X) start on newest work project
(X) do one section of previous project
(X) visit sick relative
(X)go to 12 step meeting

Plan for Today

Plan for today:P.E.D.L. - Plan, Execute, Debrief, & Learn


  • Taekwondo
  • Spa & Suana
  • Visit client #1 and catch up for two weeks
  • Send out personal e-mails
  • Drop PHP Class

* Lift Weights tonight

Execution of Today's Tasks

Plan for today:P.E.D.L. - Plan, Execute, Debrief, & Learn


  • X-Taekwondo: good workout concentrating on kicks
  • X-Spa & Suana: stretched sore leg muscles
  • X-Visit client #1 and catch up for two weeks
  • X-Send out personal e-mails: invited friends to concert
  • X-Drop PHP Class

X-Lift Weights tonight

Debrief of the Day

Good day!

I got a lot accomplished with little breaks in between.

My energy level was up all day.

Mollie's CI

9:10am I have a difficult phone call to make -- I hate things like this. Thought I'd post it here. Now I'll make the call and then come back once I've done it.

9:17am Phew. I did it. Just left a message that will take care of it.

Next. Listen to voice mail messages I've been not dealing with.

9:30am OK. Listened to those. Nothing too dreadful.

12:30pm I haven't been feeling well. But I've gotta go out to pay the electric bill or they'll shut it off today. I've never been this behind on bill-paying.

4:05pm Electric bill is paid, nothing will be shut off. But not feeling well enough to do much else.