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Tuesday, June 26 2007

Gmarie 1:30 - more work; less relationship stress =/

sign and mail Advisor Employment Agreement
email Bohlenders email Faulkners
CAHSEE data table and bar graphs CELDT data tables AYP/API information written analysis
call Dad call Misty appointment dentist appointment counselor contact HOA
identify old links write up new processes for Scantron update WRAT change CELDT information
participation chart
2 charts for CST ELA Percent Proficient or Advanced '05, '06
2 charts for CST Math Percent Proficient or Advanced '05, '06
chart for Algebra1 CST Percent Proficient or Advanced

I am SO PROUD of myself! :-) It took me hours, but I taught myself from scratch how to modify the Excel charts and graphs within a WORD doc. and to access information on the CDE site for my school report. The tech department was SUPPOSED to be doing this part but they didn't know how to do it. I'm behind in everything else, but I DID IT!!!!! :grin:

Christa's CI - 3:12 PM

I am doing okay today, but I have had a few slip-ups (naps).  I had a book study this morning, then I had three errands to run.  Now, I don't feel like doing anything, but I have a ton of things to do in preparation for leaving for vacation.

After I submit this post, I am going to clean the kitchen and birdcage. 

Christa's CI - 5:17

Yeah :-) , I have been very busy.  It took me a couple of hours, but I got the kitchen and the bird cage clean.  I have one happy parrot right now sitting in his sparkling clean cage.  Since I just finished with some exhausting work, now I am going to get some things done that I can do sitting before I move on to more cleaning.

Things to Accomplish
1.  Update calendars
2.  Get husband's birthday card ready
3.  Laundry
4.  Kitty litter

I will check back in when these tasks are complete.

Christa's CI - 7:28

I finished everything since my last post.  My husband will be home with dinner soon, so I will have a bit of a break before I have to start working again.

Things to Accomplish
1.  Clean bathroom vanity
2.  Straighten up living room
3.  Clean toilet (hate this job)

I will check back after these tasks are accomplished.  I am almost there.  I only have a few more hours of work to do before I can have  peaceful day tomorrow.

Christa's CI - 9:30 PM

This has turned out to be quite a productive day.  I just finished everything from the last post.  I am feeling great about my progress today.  Now, I am just going to do a few odds and ends before bed.  I have just about completed everything that I had on my list for the entire day.  :-)

I hope that everyone has a great day tomorrow.