Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday 5 May 2007

Hi, it is a nice and sunny morning. Dear Higher Power give us a good day today without procrastination.

9:48am CI, Lark

Hi everyone. This hasn't been a great week procrastination-wise for me. I'm now paying for my inactions. I hope you've done better.

(X)moring things
(X)get hair cut
(RAIN)if weather allows, finish project"A", or as much as I can
focus an hour on project "B"
(X)call for product info for work (before 1pm)
devote on hour catching up on small things I put off this week
(X)go to 12 step meeting
(X)go to friend's party for a bit later

Rexroth 13.49 BST

Todo today

up prayer reflection meditation
phone brother re Mum's will, decide everyone in the world is daft (except me) and go along with proposals without arguing.
deal with phone messages, emails, post
bath and wash hair
phone friend re meetup
relax a bit
washing on

rest and now what????????

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 22.40 BST

Done and ready for bed so prayer reflection and sleep

Night Folks Rexroth

Mollie's CI 6:40am

So glad it's a new day.

Shower & dress
Clean dinner dishes
Feed cat
Prep for meeting
Call to confirm
Clear desk
Work on writing for work
Write in journal

Mollie's CI 12:35pm

x Shower & dress
x Clean dinner dishes
x Feed cat
x Breakfast
x Prep for meeting
x Call to confirm
x Meet w/JA
x PO
x Go to 2 grocery stores

Clear desk
Work on writing for work
Write in journal

Ritva at 11.45 am local time

Came safe with my husband from Estland at 1 am in the night. My son is cooking lunch. Another son came home for the weekend.

To do list:
Go to a Overeaters Anonymous meeting
vacuumclean the house
wash clothes
I have things to do, I come back later

Hi Ritva

Welcome home! :-)

Thank you , Mollie

Thank you for welcoming me home. It was good to have a rest of two days. Tallinn was quite calm. I did not see any soldiers.

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I am so sorry I opened this thread in a wrong place. Moderators, pleace, transfer it where it should be.

Ritva at 10:25 pm local time

I did everything but I had only a few things on my list because I did not have time to complete it. Oh, It was terribly hard to get up and start vacuumcleaning because I was sitting on an easychair and (half) sleeping. I felt starting to clean terrible heavy and awful but I was happy when I finished. The washing machine is still working. I shall unload the dishwasher and hang clothes to a line. Soon I shall have a saunabath and I need not have a shower tomorrow morning.