Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

I'm a new member.. and I'm desperate.

Hello, my name is Kalani and I found this forum about a week or so ago when I realized how bad my procrastination has become. It wasn't until I transferred from a californian university to this Hawaiian university that I realized I even had a procrastination problem. Perhaps apart of the reason it took so long to realize I had this problem is because I do and get done what I think is very important(i.e. applying to hawaii and doing everything i need to do to transfer, getting a job to pay for bills and food), but then there's other things that are very important that I don't do.. like, homework assignments, applying for scholarships, paying things on time, and many other things. 

This semester at my college is my worst, I'm sure. I've never done this bad before. I haven't really done good(meaning, I usually finish a semester off with a lucky A, the rest Bs and one C.) But I've never done this bad... I'm sure to have one A but the rest will probably be Ds(IF i manage to study enough or at all) and one C. 
I have class right now, and I really really want to go, but I just can't push myself hard enough to get in the shower and go. I had an essay due in that class, and even though I had enough time to finish it, I did even start it... it's not worth a lot but,,, I've never missed an essay in a class.. never. I always do them albeit at the very last minute. This semester I missed atleast two and turned in an extra two late... Again, something that I've never done. The worst part, is that this semester I feel more apathetic toward getting things done than guilty...
That's why this semester is the worst. I missed so many classes and this is the last day for class before finals and I won't get out of my bed and go. 
When I'm not doing what i'm supposed to, I'm usually drawing, mainly using the internet, listening to music to drain out silence and eating. I gained 10-15 pounds this semester, my room's a total disaster, i have so many unfinished projects... 
I just hate myself. I want to get up and do something, but it's like my mind, spirit and soul are 3 different entities. my spirit wants to get up and do something, my mind does sometimes, and my body is lazy most of the time. ...I dunno, it's confusing. But, long story short, I came to this forum to finally tell someone what i'm going through, and I'm here in search of a support group. I live in Hawaii, so maybe there isn't a support group here, so I'm looking for online support... I'm desperate. I really really really want to change. I dont' like who i am right now. :((
Procrastination has costs me so much money (i.e. late fees & etc by not paying things on time), has made me lose so much valuable time, also friendships (by not taking the time to try to stay in contact) and many opportunities omg!
I'm going to see a school psychiatrist for the first time in my life tomorrow, but , i have doubts about how a psychiatrist can help me... (;_; 
I just need support... I'll support anyone,, I just want someone to be there to hear out what I'm going through.. and serve as a support... (;_; I know.. I'm asking too much. I'm sorry. Any kind of support would be helpful though. 
Thank you anyone and everyone who read up to this point. 
my email address is I would like someone who's similar or has gone through similar situations or just plain willing to be a source of encouragement like the "checkin" forum to keep up with each others plans for the day and serve as mutual encouragement........ (;_; again.. I'm sorry for asking for so much... 

Hope this makes you feel better

First, before I forget...keep us updated and you sound more like you are depressed then a hard core procrastinor like me...therapy can always help and I agree with the comment on using your school resources....maybe they have a group on campus or if not start your own.
Do something about it has hard as it seems because you don't want to wake up at my age and realize that you have procrastinated your life away.

Everywhere I go there I am

You are not asking too much

"I know.. I'm asking too much. I'm sorry."  You're not asking for too much.  Support groups like this one are here for just this reason -- to support people.  You don't have to be all alone (or feel all alone) dealing with this problem.

I know where you're coming from -- when I was in college, I eventually fell into a depression that ruined all my plans.  I was suspended from that school three times for my bad grades, and I never did graduate from there.  I thought I should be able to handle it all by myself, and I was wrong.

My first piece of advice would be to find school resources to help you out, and it looks like you have done that.  Don't worry that your timing is bad, going to see a counselor at the end of the semester.  You've actually done something about it, and that is progress.

You may want to visit with your professors and let them know about your troubles.  You may find sympathetic and understanding ears there.  College is tough, and being a transfer student can be even tougher.  People go through these same kinds of things at all schools, and it happens all the time.  You are not alone, in lots of ways.

Why not spend some time in the "check-in/bookending" forum posting about your days?  You'll have a group of encouraging people there every day to remind you that you really can do these things, even if it's just one piece at a time.