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Apple Tiger Widgets I Like

These widgets for Mac OS X, Tiger have really been helpful for me:

To Do Tracker
Prod Me
Countdown Plus

and just to see where you are in the scheme of things, particularly the amount of sunlight left in the day...

Sunlit Earth

finally, a morbidly funny widget posted...though I don't think I'd install it myself, I had a giggle at the developers comment

WTA Death Widget

Have fun!

Cool Toys Gwen!

I had a quick look for the Microsoft equivalent ('Gadgets' apparently) but didn't anything at first glance that looked interesting. I ~could~ end up procrastinating if I'm not careful, so I'll save it up for when I'm having a 'playing on the Net' session.

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Widgets and Add-ons

I've been getting some add-ons for Mozilla Firefox - I've now got an excellent weather bar, pretty coloured tabs, and some new, clearer, icons. Something's not right though, because I've lost my vertical scroll bar, and the pages keep resizing. I think it may be the coloured tabs - I'm going to have to uninstall them and see if it fixes it because I can't be doing without scrolling.

Anyway, it was fun playing around with it.

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Definitely, Budget Your Time

My friend says Konfabulator is the Windows equivalent of Apple Tiger Widgets.

It has over 2500 gizmos to choose from....
Don't go nuts in there!

Thanks Gwen!

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