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What is time binging

See the article

See the article here at for more discussion of time bingeing.

Or have you seen that already?


Oh... You mean like posting

Oh... You mean like posting on this site? ;-)

That all sounds familiar. I do spend a lot of time doing what I need to do. It becomes very big in my head. Putting a new plant in the ground becomes pulling all the weeds I have procrastinated about, prepping the soil. Visiting the nursery and spending less money than I would like but more money than I can afford. Its an all day affair and I end up with a headache. If it just does not become too daunting in the first place and I just dont start.

Time Bingeing

'Oh... You mean like posting on this site?'

Only if you get stuck here! I used to time binge on the net all the time, but made a conscious effort to get it under control and it rarely happens now.

Although, having said that, I spent three hours on a site the the other day that had nothing to do with anything I was trying to achieve - it was complete mental fluff. DSO came home and found me at the PC cold and hungry, LOL! He asked me what I'd been up to, so I showed him the site, and he got sucked in too, though not for so long fortunately.

I binge on things I like doing, and I binge on things I don't like. I've got a couple of long jobs to do today, so I'm going to intersperse them - homework and a good house clean (neglected due to homework). I reckon three hours is reasonable for a burst of homework, and 15 mins for housework, but we'll see how it pans out.

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How Familiar

Hi all,
I'm new here and after reading the article about the concept of "time-bingeing" I was amazed at how it explains some of my behaviors that i've noticed in the last several years. I have a host of problems and procrastination is one of those. So in an effort to discuss this concept some more I dug up this thread for a little thread-necromancy. :)

"[...]doing something (anything - even dreaded tasks) for 3+ hours with no interruption."

Wow, does that ever hit home. My first recollection (while reading the article) of this behavior is from my teen years. I dated this girl who was always on the go (certainly not a match for me). I remember always getting irrate at her constant need to fill in those miscellaneous "blocks of time" with something to do - somewhere to go. I would always argue that there was not enough time to go visit such-and-such because we would soon have to be at such-and-such's house.

Another big area where this plays out in my life is in another addiction of mine - video game addiction. I find that I cannot be at ease unless I have a huge, uninterrupted block of time to indulge in my activity (namely Escapism). I prefer to create this situation before committing myself to a gaming session. I don't want any phone calls, noone to interrupt me for any reason. And sometimes if I can't have this huge block of time then I would rather not get involved. Actually this has probably helped me lately in dealing with my gaming addiction because the games I prefer take too long and subsequently I find myself reasoning with myself that there is just not enough large blocks of time to get involved. I have been realizing lately that if I choose to get involved in an epic role-playing game that I will have to stretch it out over a long period of time (years) in installments of only several hours a day at most, and that thought is not too attractive. So I suppose "time-bingeing" can actually be beneficial in this circumstance. As it just does not seem worth getting involved with something so time-consuming if it can't be 'all-consuming'.

Also interesting to see the term Escapism as it relates to procrastination. Escapism is a concept that i'm only recently familiar with, and I wrote about it in relation to video game addiction here at OlgAnon. I realized then that escapism was a factor in video game addiction. Now I see that it's also a by-product of procrastination. Therefore procrastination is directly related to my video game addiction and I never made the connection. Gaming keeps me thoroughly entertained and provides a purpose while i'm procrastinating. I love when the pieces start to come together. :)

"The escapist would be imaginative and capable of some original ideas, but a significant amount of time would be spent daydreaming, without putting ideas directly into practice. There would be a preference for spontaneous and hedonistic activity over planning and structured activity, and a tendency to work in binges or at the last minute, doing more pleasant tasks before more pressing ones."
Andrew Evans: This Virtual Life: Escapism and Simulation in Our Media World

Sounds like procrastination to me.

I will stop procrastinating... tomorrow.