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Hypatia's accounts 2022

My annual fight with the accounts.  I've done no better at keeping things up to date than the last two years, and maybe done worse!  Here goes....




Set up and complete spreadsheets

[x] find Treasurer's email with details of the new spreadsheet - missing

[x] email treasurer for new copy of the spreadsheet

[x] find and file the 2021 bank statements (did 2022 as well!)

[x] set up 2021 spreadsheet, old-style

[x] enter data for 2021

     - current account complete 21/6/22

[x] set up spreadsheets for savings accounts

[x] enter data for savings accounts

     - complete 28/6/22

[x] transfer new balance sheet into spreadsheet

[x] set up new balance sheet

[ ] enter data on new balance sheet

[ ] file 2020 paperwork