Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday 25 March 2007

Welcome to Sunday.

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im not really sure how this works. i feel like im procrastinating by posting here as well... not sure how this forum works...

Hi rinku

Thanks for posting. I'm not the best to explain how this forum works, but it does seem to work. In a way it IS procrastinating, but a better kind than say playing a game on-line. On the daily forum, we post the things we need to do for that day, and then go back and cross them off, or add to them, etc. If we have problems with certain things, we can ask others for advice. Also, there's alot of informative stuff to read here in the articles section that can really help. Please stick around and read the posts, and try posting somethng yourself, and give it a try. Lark

Thomas C., 11:45 p.m.

This is a bookend. It doesn't look like it, but it is.

It's really late, and I have ten papers and two quizzes to grade.

I am so tired. We spent Saturday retiling the bathroom. Tile is pretty heavy, and linoleum is terrible to scrape off a concrete floor. We spent Sunday pressure-washing the house and sidewalk. The house goes fast; the sidewalk, not. Very, very slow, in fact. And on the "high" setting, the thing has something of a kick.

So, many of my muscles ache as I face ten papers and two quizzes just before midnight. So far today my problem has not  been procrastination. It's too much to do. We have the house to sell and no money to get it cleaned up--so we do it ourselves. Then I have academic work. There are probably over 20 papers to grade tomorrow, all of which are around 30 pages each--as are the ten papers tonight.

I've read them before, in draft form, so they'll go fast. But there are so many of them!

All of this is to say that NOW I really AM procrastinating, because I don't want to do it.

Anyway, this is a bookend. Now you know why it's a bookend.

Okay. On to those papers. Not that anyone is logged in to read this, but hey--it helps just to write it.

Glad to see your post

It seems I've been identifying with alot of peoples' posts lately, and I don't feel so unique. Posting seems to help, just to get it out makes it a bit easier. It sounds like we both have alot of deadlines in our lives, and pressure from them all makes it rough. When that heppens to me, it seems it takes me five hours to do three, one-hour tasks. Please keep posting.

Hey, thanks...

...for reading it. Thought nobody would. Of course, it's Monday morning, and I'm still procrastinating, even though I just posted on the Monday thread, because it's better than grading!

Well, off to the library...

im not having fun.... no fun at all.

ive been trying to do this paper for the last 2 weeks and i have still to do it. :( and it's even written... all i have to do is put together and it'll be done... i has to be handed in today. ohh i wish i could just work on it. i sooo need help. i wish there were face-to-face meetings in the west LA area.


Keep posting

I hope today's better for you. Please "hang out" here more, and try what we've been doing, and it'll get better. Take care.

CI for Lark, Noon

Very nice day here, so my intent is to get everything done so I can enjoy it. Good to see you Pro. I missed you. Each week I've decided to try to make at least one "procrastination amend" from the past, as some of those are starting to crop up. Last week's was making a start on something, and I feel pretty good about it. That gnawing feeling is gone.
(X)morning things
(X)make start on work project
(X)call client with total bill
(X)call other client with bill and get okay on next step
(X)tidy everything up

All for now. Good luck to everyone today.

pro's CI - noon

I've been doing okay so far today, staying on track. What I need to do now is laundry, which I very much do NOT want to do, but MUST do.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Rexroth 15.57 BST (British Summer Time)

Didn't sleep well last night, then first thing this morning received emails with my Mum's will and probate and went back to sleep again and have now woken and dealt with them.

Todo today

up prayer reflection meditation
deal with emails phone messages
reset watch
think pray and write emails to solicitor and brother re Mum's will

and now I'm not sure what to do. I feel half awake and half asleep.

I'm so glad I responded to the issues around my Mum's will. It's something I could have just left for ever and worried about. This must be a sign of recovery and I'm grateful.

Regards Rexroth

Doing something we don't "want" to do

There's a program called EA (Emotions Anonymous), and one of the things they suggest is to do something each day you don't want to do. Also, they suggest doing something for someone each day without anyone knowing it. Though I'm not good at either, I've discovered only good comes from doing either. It feels so good to make that effort, and then cross that off the list, doesn't it? Be well.

Thanks Lark

Thanks for the info and good wishes Lark. Thought I had posted this yesterday but clearly I hadn't. I feel good about how I've treated my Brother and my Mum's will. It could have become very nasty and would have benefited nobody.

Regards Rexroth