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Hypatia's accounts 2021

Just over a year ago I came back to PA when i was struggling with the 2019 church accounts.  I got them done but didn't then keep up as I intended with the 2020 accounts.  So now I'm back to square one, and need to do everything all over again.

So here goes.....

accounts complete

The accounts and supporting paperwork are complete! Everything balances, and the supproting paperwork matches up with the spreadsheet, except for a couple of minor things I've had to put a note about for the auditor.

I need to talk to the treasurer about how he wants the balance sheet presented before I send the accounts off for audit.  I've got a training session tomorrow on independent examination of the accounts, so i might ask about it then.

Apart from that it's finished, only 2 months late compared with 5 months last year!!

Thank you my PA friends for your support.




[x] check off action list

[x] complete balance sheet

[x] sort supporting paperwork

[x] file and cross-check paperwork

[x] look at allocation of funds

[ ] email auditor


Hypatia's accounts - complete spreadsheets

[x] find and file the 2020 bank statements

[x] set up 2020 spreadsheet

[x] enter data for 2020 - completed 14/7/21

w/b 12/7/21 a very slow start, but finally got going in the evening of 13/7

[x] set up spreadsheets for savings accounts

[x] enter data for savings accounts