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Tuesday April 6, 2021

InnerTruth's to-do list - Tuesday

 9- 11

9 - 10 - Review S & P essays.

10 - 11 - Ack. homework


Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Prayer and meditation

2. Read devotionals

3. Wash dishes

4. Put clothes away

5. Take out trash

6. Go through my e-mail

7. Go through my mail

Realistic goals

  1. Get paper in rubbish bag sorted, shred or dump and keep scrap paper for rough word dumps etc DONE :-)
  2. Daily readings and notes for today DONE
  3. Book  onto study or writing group if on today or other days this week DONE
  4. Brain dump on the material from the courses Photoderm esp CTD stuff DOING
  5. Brain dump on BSID stuff and then review my notes
  6. Appraisal- 
    1. get out MAG document I have already printed out
    2. Highlight the  headings
    3. List out the headings on a word document
    4. Highlight the ones I do and don't have material for 
    5. Decide which ones I need to work on most
    6. Write down any qus I have 
  7. Email HR re my return date last week
  8. Email Alison re my return date 
  9. Complete and email sheets to Louise Chaisty
  10. Physio exercises
  11. Buy book Alive In God



This week

  1. Email Emily 7. above
  2. Buy gift and send with card for Saibh
  3. Send card to Bernie for her birthday
  4. Check birthday for Kevin and Avril


  1. Go for walk with Claire
  2. Call Aisling on Friday


Next week

  1. Call Physio re cancellation opportunities



Important non urgent

  1. Send the marriage form back to the ROI 
  2. Tax check with tax agent and online do research
  3. GCP
  4. Mandatory training



Mindfulness meditation

Tetris exercise 

Focus mate


Turning to the mystics centre for action and contemplation

Ecology and Theology book By Dermot Lane - chapter



Hypatia's check-in

Must do
[ ] OU coursework

Should do

[x] intray

[x] read inbox

[x] action emails - inbox zero (April) day 3/6

[x] action minilist (15 to go)

[x] read MfS papers (Including annual report)

[x] shopping

[x] review Monday meeting and forum

[ ] clean kitchen

[ ] L&S videos


Could do

[ ] tai chi

[ ] gardening/exercise

[ ] action from Q list (24 to go)

[x] read Helen's article

[ ] read EVA doc

[x] lace/knitting/embroidery