Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday March 22, 2021

InnerTruth's to-do list - Monday

7 - 8 - rewrite exams, send emails (done)

8 - 9 - acknowledge homework (done)

9:- 9:30 -extra reading (done)

9:30 - 11 - prepare for tomorrow (done) 

Hypatia's check-in

Must do
[x] safeguarding policy No 1
Should do

[x] intray

[ ] clear desk

[x] read inbox

[x] action emails - down to 3

[x] action minilist - down to 8

[x] Zoom meeting

[x] watch Miami open

[x] OU coursework

[ ] send minute to MfS

[ ] research electricity supplier

[ ] ironing

[ ] ring Alan (31:8 and audit)


Could do

[x] tai chi

[x] gardening

[x] housework - kitchen (have put out recycling)

[ ] action from Q list

[ ] lace/knitting/embroidery



No work - rest day 


Set out this to do list by reviewing last list and updating it 

Read readings for today and make notes (really brief, a word or two is fine) 



yoga physio exercises once today TAKE ABOUT 30 MINS 

Mindfulness book read chapter

Read Immortal Diamond next 2 chapters and Make notes

Read book chapter from Fr J. PARTLY DONE Make notes 


Options choose from: 

Walk along the road to Schoenstatt if possible

Walk around to farm

Walk around golf course

BIAY X2. Catch up

Rosary and examen 

COMPILE questions for Dr B on Tuesday - word dump and brain storm









Review slides and make notes on AAD meeting from yesterday for CPD DOING

Email Jo Urqhart re attendance certificates / CPD chase

Vitae advice re PhD expectations - read these 

List out my positive attributes AS PER THE NIH training camp



Set out a list of things I need to do for appraisal and for work and then set out a list of things I would like to do as a reward eg. writing cards, phoning, etc 


Compile safe box material when taking a break 

Read what others do when they are RTW - UOM guidance etc



Contact relevant people re phasing back if well 




Today's Chores

Things I will do today

1. Prayer and meditation

2. Read devotionals

3. File my taxes

4. Put clothes away (Done)

5. Wash dishes

6. Take out trash

7. Take out recycling

8. Continue to sweep floor to a pile