Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday March 18, 2021

Checkin: 03/18: 11:45

Please do not leave comments or feedback.  Silent prayers welcome.


Committing to no media outside work until I've done my 8 hours today, with the following exceptions: media used for exercise, reading my one book and PA.  

Yesterday I did this, but did not do the exercise and shower in my self-care routine.



exercise(at least cardio vid + walking)


brush teeth

Note to self: From now on, things only get the type of attention that they pay back.  Things only get the time they are worth.  Also: if it seems messed up, it usually is.  If something seems like it's not right, it's not.


I managed to do the self-care routine, but did not get to do enough of the work. Something came up that was extremely distracting and let's just say out of my control. So I think the best thing to do in that situation is use the clock to redirect my focus. That and recognizing that I maintain no contact with certain people for a reason. They are incorrigible, and there just isn't anyway to respond to them. I succeeded in avoiding media all day though, unless it was work related, exercise related or my book. So I got that bit.

To-do IT Thursday

1:30 - 3 - homework, answers, emails to ED (done)

5 - 6 - Reading MT (done)

6 - 7 - W & S mt, (done) 

7- 8 - dinner/call Mom/timesheet (done)

8:30 - 11 - marking, writing test

11 - 12 -prepare for tomorrow

Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Prayer and meditation

2. Read devotionals

3. Sweep floor to a pile

4. Start picking up stuff off the floor

5. Go to the Post Office

6. Wash dishes

7. Go through my e-mail

8. Go through my mail

Doable list


Set out this to do list by reviewing last list and updating it 

Read readings for today and make notes (really brief, a word or two is fine) NOT DONE

Print out exercises sent this AM DONE 

Yoga physio exercises twice today NOT DONE

Exercise walk minimum 25 mins DONE


Rosary DONE partly

Read Immortal Diamond next chapter NOT DONE

Make notes NOT DONE

Read book chapter from Fr J. PARTLY DONE

Make notes NOT DONE

Attend meeting at 19:00 

Email DONE


Non urgent TASKS below (do not do until above done): 

Calls DONE

Texts DONE


Attend AAD meeting from 1500-2330 DONE!








hazyjane's check-in thursday

Already walked dog when I got home

  • write check-in      done
  • feed starter   done
  • brush teeth    done
  • go to bed and sleep!     done
  • drama group 12:30-14:30     done
  • try to see friend     called, left voicemail...
  • get dough started    done
  • back yoga exercise     done
  • meditate      
  • get to a meeting       done
  • read my book - follow up all the music references etc as they are very good!      done
  • re-commit myself to writing/artist's way stuff 
  • get to bed early. use insight timer  partial success - bed before midnight!