Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday November 27, 2020

  IMPORTANT   1. readings


1. readings for today 

2. Write words to describe each nano piece of datum into results chapter DOING

3. Keep going on 3 til finished everything DOING

5. Write any random ideas which pop in during this writing into thought record DOING

6. Jog even for 5 mins during daylight hours -WALKED INSTEAD X 25 MINS

8. PA meeting at 4pm 

9. Dinner circa 5pm 

10. PA meeting at 6pm and continue working thereafter with checkins 

11. Need to go to bed by 11:30pm 

12. Rosary

Tradition12: 4:38pm Friday

Please do not leave comments or feedback.  Thank you.


So here is what I'm planning on doing.  I have been wayyy too much on social meeting.  So I'm going to stick it out, and do only high quality media for the rest of the day: films, books, podcasts that I WANT to listen to.    I'm going to write my daily three things that if done, I would feel accomplished.  Here are some goals I'm working on:


* Walking at least 12,500 steps per day

* doing two times the upper body cardio work out

* brushing, flossing , using an endtuft brush, using listerine before bed

* doing 108 squats per day


ongoing goals:

* Doing 12,500 average steps per day this month.

* Eating all the food in my refrigerator or somehow getting rid of it, so I can clean it eventually

* Saving up for top surgery

* Removing everything from the floor of my living room that does not need to be there.

* Get into G. company.  Schedule an interview with recruiter.  Sign up for course.



for today:

* Picking up the mail.

* Picking up packages.

* Finding/obtaining my phone.

* Charge my phone.

* Getting into my windows work computer.

* Filing my hours.

* Finding out if I'm in the Agile course

* Writing an email as to when I intend to take the certification course.



Hypatia's check-in

[x] post sympathy cards

[x] guitar lesson

[x] book of members - waiting for phone number

[x] intray

[x] read inbox

[x] gardening

[x] clean fridge

[x] OU coursework

[ ] MfS roster

[ ] email backlog

_Sophias things to do this Day

(-) get up at 775, no going back to bed

(/) eat and drink something, dishes

(-) pmr/yoga 30’

(x) text B


(x) tidy up (movet to afternoon)

(x) dress, get ready

(x) leave on time for apt (9.50)

(x) buy the stuff on way home

(x) lunch&dishes

(x) phone about V

(x) 3-6 V

(x) dinner&dishes

() practise 30’

() one lecture 90’

() plan with calendar 30’