Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 2 November 2020

Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Put clothes away

2. Put books away

3. Go to the Post Office

4. Go to the grocery store

5. Put groceries away

6. Make Phone Calls

7. Do numbers

8. Clear up my e-mails

Hypatia's check-in

Very quiet round here today!  I'm late because I woke in the middle of the night to find I'd got no electricity to most of the house, and after I'd flipped the guilty circuit breaker back on, it went off 2 hours later!  I've had most of the electricals including the computer switched off all morning while I tried to track down the offending item.  I "think" it's the dishwasher.

So I'm now transferring my list from the sheet of paper

[x] intray

[x] read inbox

[x] ring Monica

[x] collect memory stick

[x] OU course work

[ ] email Diana re chaplain

[ ] reply to Lee and Bronwen

[ ] read stuff from Liz

[x] action Q emails

[x] Zoom committee meeting