Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

25/10/20 07:33 UTC

Traditiona12: 10/15/20: 11:34am

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I'm still working with these rules from the last time I posted, and they seemed to work for me.  The only place where I saw myself consistently needing to do something differently was 1) waking up when alarm clock goes off, and 2) going to sleep at 12am, should be on work nights, 3) I didn't get to eat vegetables yesterday.  I think the best way to wake up when my alarm clock goes off is to have some tea directly after doing my business.

1) I brush and floss before sleep.  I know that's tough, but literally best way to sleep.

2) On nights when I have scheduled work the next day: if it's 12am, the only activities I can partake in are: getting ready for bed, 12 step related activities, outreach call, finishing exercise, setting up a gym appointment.  Basically at midnight I set up a gym appointment, and then I turn my computer off, if it's still on.

3) From the hours of 9am to 7pm, I am engaged with work, food, self-hygeine and exercise.  If I have a doctor's appointment, I can go.  Nothing else.

4) I wake up when my alarm goes off on work days.  I really have goals that are important to me, and waking up on time is the best way to ensure that.

5) No additional processed sugars.  Eat a serving of vegetables everyday.  I am moving toward drinking almond or coconut milk.


Remember: the hardest part is starting, after that it's doable. 

When it comes to work:

1) do the hardest thing first.  

2) Ask direct questions without filigree.  Just keep asking.  

3) Put my personal hygiene and food first.

Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Mail a bill

2. Get mail

3. Clear tables near computer

4. Get medicine ready for the next four weeks

5. Go to the grocery

6. Put groceries away

7. Wash dishes

8. Put clothes away

Priorities for today 25th October 2020

  • Tea DONE
  • To do list DONE
  • RV BE sheet 
  • Time log 
  • Scripture reading  DONE
  • Notes on scripture - NOT DONE YET = wait til after Mass
  • Ig antigen what are the specific targets for Jo 1 , RO, LA, CCP RF, SCL 60, SM etc? 
  • Categorise data accordingly
  • Analyse ACC to PS or non PS
  • lOOK AT Nano data - do I understand it - if not get advice, if I can understand it then correlate with serology and PS/non PS data 
  • write each bit of info up in the thesis results  chapter 
  • MASS around 3pm
  • R at bedtime
  • SFT



  • Card for mother - LATEST CUT OFF IS NEXT WEEK BUT DO IT TODAY and SR MA and withdraw cash - GO FOR WALK TO ATM AS TREAT
  • Change sheets and hoover bedroom
  • Volunteer for NF
  • Walk or pilates for 30 mins 
  • Encourage Em, Al, 
  • Remind W to check weight for postage, t/f money from w insurance
  • Export a/c data to excel and send to W


4pm ? Check in or 3pm? - email organiser DONE