Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

22/10/20 Thursday 09:08 UTC+1

We do our best, our Higher Power takes care of the rest - let us seize the day

zoom check in's

Hi, I'm Kate, in Australia, and grateful to find this group! 

I've been to one meeting, which was at 3am in the morning, and I've heard that there are daily zoom check in's for 15 mins each two hours.  I've tried to log onto one or two of these, with no avail.  Could someone direct me to where these mini - meetings are occuring and how to access these? 

thanks so much 


I've read a few of the articles and looked through some of the zoom material that is on this site, and found this all to be very helpful.  I'm trying microbursts at the moment, so see if this will help me get started in a large project that has been 'looming' for over 9 months now. 

appreciate everything that has been done to create this space for healing 


Zoom bookending check-ins

Hi Kate,


If you email, you will be given the log in details!  She is based in USA. I am based in the UK! I know you are based in Australia.

The leader will send you the format for each meeting type - opening, midday and closing. 

Meetings have been at 16hr, 18 hr, 20hr, 22hr, 00:30hr, BRITISH SUMMER TIME  (UTC+1) however I'm not sure if this changes as the clocks have now gone back since 2am this morning. Please check with the leader about possible change to the schedule. My understanding is that the US also uses daylight saving time ! Not sure if you do in Australia? 

I hope to see you at the meetings sometime ! We're quite a small group usually only about 4-5 max.

You will be really welcome. 

I think they are useful. I really really hope they will help you too! 

Kindest wishes to you,

Wishing you a successful productive day.







TraditionTwelve: 10/22/20: 11:46am

Do not leave comments or feedback. Thank you.

I hate waking up, but this just can't continue.  I do not like what my doctor is doing to my arm.  I need to establish some rules in order to make things go more smoothly for me:

1) I brush and floss before sleep.  I know that's tough, but literally best way to sleep.

2) If it's 12am, the only activities I can partake in are: getting ready for bed, 12 step related activities, outreach call, finishing exercise, setting up a gym appointment.  Basically at midnight I set up a gym appointment, and then I turn my computer off, if it's still on.

3) From the hours of 9am to 7pm, I am engaged with work, food, self-hygeine and exercise.  If I have a doctor's appointment, I can go.  Nothing else.

4) I wake up when my alarm goes off on work days.  I really have goals that are important to me, and waking up on time is the best way to ensure that.

5) No additional processed sugars.  Eat a serving of vegetables everyday.  I am moving toward drinking almond or coconut milk.


Remember: the hardest part is starting, after that it's doable. 

When it comes to work:

1) do the hardest thing first.  

2) Ask direct questions without filigree.  Just keep asking.  

3) Put my personal hygiene and food first.

Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Wash dishes

2. Pick up stuff off floor

3. Clear tables near computer

4. Clear table near bed

5. Take out trash

6. Take out recycling

Hypatia's check-in

[x] intray

[x] read inbox

[x] cancel SLM meeting

[x] check tablet microphone

[x] email Alan about tonights meeting

[x] MUST DO Q actions - down to 3

[x] action Q emails - down to 16

[x] action inbox - down to 6

[x] post letters

[x] net the pond

[x] put up bird feeder

[x] OU course work




TO DO 22/10/20 09:19


  1. Readings for today DONE
  2. Notes on readings from yesterday and today DONE
  3. BE sheet - review last one DONE and start new one
  4. Retro and prosp and non responder data put into word doc
  5. Finish writing up paragraph on non responders
  6. Email SD asking for data on those with blanks -CHASE THIS
  7. Check if email reply from Jarman re IT access-CHASE THIS
  8. genome application form - CHASE EMAIL = DONE
  9. Data Ig extraction then write in results DOING
  10. Get mcert
  11. Find out when BAD access ends and AA access ends
  12. Check on updates on appraisal DONE
  13. Go into 2015 folder for appr and what exactly is missing?
  14. Mass - leave at 5:30 pm for 6pm start DONE
  15. Walk DONE and pilates for 30 mins
  16. Check if RSM certificate came through if not chase this
  17. Departmental meeting at 12 CHASE UP IF RECORDED OR NOT AS COULDN'T ATTEND



Departmental at lunch time - should attend this! DIDN'T

RSM coronavirus - can watch another time YES