Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Daily check in 30/9/20 07:34 BST (UTC+1)

Have a good day, may your goals and dreams -large and small- become a reality today. 

02/10/2020 To do

    1. Prepare for meeting with LKO 
    2. Attend meeting with LKO
    3. Contact JH re email to PT
    4. Exercise class
    5. Drop car off to garage
    6. Epidem lecture - review slides
    7. reflect on presentation yesterday
    8. Research work - go back to last two meetings pull out action points
    9. Email INB regarding contacting patients from clinic
    10. May need to ask IT to give me remote access to chameleon
    11. complete the return to work form
    12. To do list
    13. Daily log
    14. Prediction sheet  
    15. Cooking, cleaning, shower,
    16. Pilates 30 mins - Gail's class


  1. Pay BPG membership
  2. Email Fiona and Duncan

Hypatia's check-in

[x] intray

[x] read inbox

[x] emails re MH (Chris/Suzanne)

[x] action emails - down to 8

[x] accounts filing: 9 out of 13 sections done

[x] school governors meeting

[x] council meeting

[x] knitting

[ ] ironing

[x] OU course - book tutorials

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Thank you CMAC. Also, dread and anxiety

Thank you CMAC and best wishes to all ... _/\_

I am stressed out about replying to email from my client, because he first emailed me several days ago for an update and I haven't replied yet.  I had hoped and expected to get further along on the project by now, but because I'm so stressed out about making a short reply to this short email, I've been procrastinating and avoiding doing much of anything.

I am grateful for another day and another opportunity to try again. I got on the computer to try to do this (send the message) but now I am tempted to read things or write an extended journal or post about my thoughts and feelings.  The writing may be helpful but I'm not sure if it's the best thing to do right now or not.  That said, even writing about writing or not is still writing about it. haha. 

I could go and do my daily prayer & meditation, which is always helpful and important for me, perhaps the most important thing for me; however I have noticed that some days even doing my prayer & meditation, while it provides spiritual comfort and happiness and clarity, I will still end up not getting done what I need to do afterwards, and still go into procrastination.  So, I thought maybe I would try to at least reply to the message, with the message that I am very sorry for not replying yet, and for not finishing yet, and would try to work on the project today.

Well, one of the two messages I got from my client is asking for a ballpark timeframe for when I will be able to finish the project.  Trying to give completion estimates often and usually fills me with dread and anxiety, because my track record in giving accurate estimates is so dreadful.  Though honestly I could probably have had the project done by now if I wasn't derailed by the dread of giving an estimate on it.  And also derailed by the anxiety about how I am behind on another project that I hoped and promised to have done or at least some progress made on by now.

Sigh.  Thanks to anyone who reads this.



Hi Haribol   I responded via

Hi Haribol


I responded via your contact link under your name rather than post publicly.

I think this goes to your email account?

Just offering some of my own tips and support.

Kind wishes


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Thank you CMAC and best

Thank you CMAC and best wishes to all ...

Things to do

Things to do today

1. Wash dishes

2. Put clothes away

3. Put medicine away

4. Clear tables near computer

5. Get bills ready to be paid.

6. Go through mail

To do. 1. LRP cover letter