Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Hello fellow travellers!

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Hi there friends,


My name's Lucas and I'm a procrastinator. So very happy to have found this forum, and delighted to see there's a weekly Zoom meeting. I've been in other 12-step programs for many years, but I've never been able to really overcome my chronic procrastination... I'm in my 40s now, and don't want the second half of my life to be so characterised by missed opportunity. I don't know exactly or precisely what causes my procrastination, but I'm pretty sure the big underpinning issue is fear... fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being loved, fear of being unloved... fear of people, fear of being alone... fear fear fear! I know accountability really helps me a lot, though, and I've found some success in other 12 step programs like Debtors Anonymous... I hope I can support you in your journeys, and you in mine...


Thanks for being here!


Hi Lucas and Welcome :)

Hi Lucas,

I wanted to say welcome to PA. (Procrastinators Anonoymous)
As PA meetings recommend I not give advice, but just speak from my experience and what worked for me, and you can take whatever works for you.
So since i rejoined the PA site a few months ago, ive seen meteroic results.

I filed my taxes before the final due date ( with the multiple steps and papwerwork involved), I started writing up my Animated series again, I started showing up for work on time and i was in danger of being fired for being late, I showed up for meetings with family and friends on time, and they always know im late.
I could even set goals for myself, and sometime acheive them, and other times reschedule if i couldnt because of me or circumstances beyone me prevented me from getting them.
Other times i changed my goals, because i had an honest sit down with myself and realised what i thought i wanted, wasnt what i actually wanted.

I write this, not to brag, but to tell my journey and my accomplishments, in hopes you can find from what i tell that wil help you to have the  "second half of my life not to be so characterised by missed opportunity".
So for me what changed so much was sitting in a PA Meeting on Zoon on Wen, and everyone sharing how they procrastinate, how it has negatively impacted their lives, how everyone is offering support.
But each of us, each of us can only change our lives, and no one elses, no matter how much we care about the other person.
It was a really hard lesson.
It means our family the ones who love us,and friends cant change us.
Other PA Members cant change us, only we can.

Over time i started to understand how the PA Chatbox is a usefull tool, to write my short term goal and action i intend to take, and than take action, and say i did it, or dont and say i didnt do it, and have the peopole on the PA Chatbox who are supportive.

But this is on me.
So as i use the Chatbox to check in, and admit when im faffing off,  a pattern started to emerge, one i didnt like.
When im late, its because, i dont know when i need to leave so im late, or i figure out by checking travel times and bus schedules that i know when i need to leave.
than i dont pack in time, and get organized to leave, because thats boring, and computer games, internet or really anything else is more fun. So i leave late and arrive late.
I dont study drawing or scriptwriting in the morning before work because the aforementioned activities are more fun.
Its the absolute honesy with myself, not lying to myself, and telling myself the hard truth that keeps me ontime, and productive towards goals that are important for me.
By using the Chatbox, i can track what im doing, and this tells me why i get off the path.
The person is always me.
PA has a lot of tools on site, and i recommend reading them.
For me the important thing to remember is, the tool dont do the work, I have to use them, or else they just sit there and dont improve my life, I have to do that for myself, becuase i cant do that for anyone else. Just share my exeprience, and the other person can decide to take what works for them or not.
I wish you so much luck on coping with youre procrastination.
Im here if you want to talk.
Feel free to send me a private message or talk in the Chatbox, im frequently there.
Wishing you all the best.

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Hi there Shmuel, Thanks so

Hi there Shmuel,

Thanks so much for your message. It's hugely helpful and encouraging to hear from people who have been in PA for a while, and who have made real progress... it makes a big big difference... I'm working my way through a lot of the materials on the site, and after joining the Zoom meeting in Wednesday, i know that meeting will be a regular fixture for me... I'm also going to check out the chat box, now that you've pointed it out to me..

Thanks again for your experience and insight - it's much appreciated!



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New member too!

Hi Lucas,

I joined yesterday. Glad to be here. Yeah, fear, also resentment, they are BIG obstacles to my recovery. I am currently almost finished Step 3 in my main fellowship, and I feel ready (no kidding) to start Step 4, which used to terrify me.



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Thanks Phillippe! We in thi

Thanks Phillippe! We in thi together... glad youre starting this journey at the same time as me :)

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Thanks for the welcoem guys!

Thanks for the welcoem guys! Lovely to meet you laughing

welcome Lucas!

I'm glad you have found us.  This site has been unbelievably helpful to me as i try to deal with my procrastination.  I hope it helps you as much.


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Re: Hello fellow travellers!

Nice to meet you Lucas!


Welcome Lucas! Thank you for introducing yourself. 

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Thank you Lucas and welcome!

Thank you Lucas and welcome!