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Friday, 12 June, 2020

e's gets real

Successes. Met my new niece today. Ate many veggies. got to work on time-ish. went to get meds, even if they closed early. will do service work tomorrow. listened to Joe and Charlie tapes. got in touch on outdated meds. plantings in the backyard. made fruit salad for my sister's household.


to do: more calendar work for unemployment. planting tomatoes, dishes completion. laundry. deliver food to Megan. cook. tax work. get to bed by midnight. straighten up tonight so i am prepared to have a good day tomorrow.


Monica's picture

Monica's Fri CI

My 2 year old grandson is staying with me for a week. I doubt I'll get much of anything done. With that said, I'd like to attempt to keep the kitchen clean.

Update: My grandson is taking a gloriously long nap, which enabled me to tackle a little of my work project! Now on to the kitchen.

Final report: Managed to start dinner. Kitchen didn't get cleaned.

Today's Frogs

3rd Frog:
[ ] tidy kitchen
[ ] unload/reload dishwasher
[ ] wipe counter tops
[ ] wipe stove top
[ ] scrub sink

2nd Frog:
[x] start dinner

1st Frog:
[x] spend at least 30 min on work project

katia fri 6/12

Very happy the site is back in order! Will hope to catch up with everyone soon. Life is a lot different for me when the site crashed but trying to tell myself that's ok

Fri 6/12

  • research camps
  • research road trip
  • thrift store for jeans (UGHHHHH)  only got 1 pair, but now I don't have holey jeans
  • C math assignment 
  • C writing assignment
  • make breakfast
  • read 1 chapter of book

let's start there and see where things go 

Hypatia's check-in

[x] ironing

[ ] draw up year-end statement of accounts (in progress)

[x] intray

[x] inbox

[x] board meeting

[ ] draft minute for AM clerks

[x] two items from waiting tray

[ ] respond to consultation

[ ] move raised beds if it stops raining (it didn't)


my checkin

father’s day DONE 

meditation DONE

ballet DONE 

practice notes

practice DONE 

start to get into a more career-focused mindset

semiyearly accounting reconciliation DONE 

end of month accounting DONE. MIRACULOUSLY.

make roasted almonds DONE 

do some vw homework (and maintain awareness throughout the day) 

shower DONE


curiousAT's check In

Work tasks for today:

  • Check mails and update work task list ✓
  • Complete work on B1a c14 H3 ✓
  • Fill timesheet for yesterday ✓
  • Review B135 Interactivity 2


  • Make list of groceries/provisions that I need ✓
  • Plan for tomorrow's breakfast (and get provisions if needed) ✓