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Thursday, 11 January, 2007

Faking It

I don't pretend not to be a procrastinator, but folks do tend to think that I'm not – and I do little to correct them, you see }:). I don't like lagging behind under public scrutiny, (don't you just hate it when people are judgmental?), so I pull my own weight and then some, and the resulting appreciation gives me a motivational high which eventually ends up with me getting burned out and overworked. Not the best policy, I know. I've actually been called a workaholic at one point! A lazy workaholic procrastinator! Bah! An oxymoron if ever I've seen one! Preposterous!

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Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Me too

My name's Lark, and I'm a lazy workaholic procrastinatior. Gee, I don't like the color, don't like the style, but it fits! Thanks for giving me the smile.

going to extremes

That's a common characteristic of all procrastinators. Have you read the article on the site on "time bingeing"? Click the Articles button and scroll down.

re: pretending you're someone else

Sounds like "Fake it 'till you make it" to me. Which I haven't had much success with, but I think it's a pretty widespread strategy. Whatever works for you!

scarlett CI 9:10 am EST

Cool graphic, Edge.

I really want to stay focused today. If I can do that, and power through these reviews, then I can pack my office tomorrow and maybe get out of work early (still sick).

To do:
Eat breakfast (started)
Take pills
Update master to-do
Review 1 - type up comments
Reviews 2 - 5

Mollie's Check-In 6:30am

To Do
Read CwG (20m)
Write in journal (40m)
Breakfast & vits (5m)
Wash & put away dishes (15m)
Feed Mattie (2m)
Clean litter box (2m)
Leg exercises (15m)
Make bed (3m)
Shower & dress (45m)
Straighten office for 15 mins
Go to PO (25m)
Call JM (5m)
Draft RB aff for 15 mins (15m)
Prep MC c to s on S (60m)
Draft status rpt on DL for AC (15m)
Decide whether to do M for L on RL re: BOP
Call RL re: BOP
Reread their ev
Reread our ev
Reread m's
Reread rlngs on m's
Reread dec
Draft section re: CT PI
Draft section re: dngrsns
Finish entering 1/4-1/6 hrs (15m)
Do CG bill (30m)
Pay bills (15m)
Do laundry (90m)
Talk to JMC re: tea (5m)
Check refills (5m)
Eat a salad (30m)
Wash dinner dishes (15m)
Set up breakfast (2m)

Monica's picture

Monica's CI - 6:30 am EST

To Do:
[Ø] Wake at 5:00 am (Not sure what happened. I never heard the alarm go off.)
[] Shower
[] Scrub shower wall
[] Oral care
[] Facial
[] Pedi-care
[] Dress to shoes
[] Devotional time
[] Make bed
[] Wipe down MBR vanity
[] Help son with last night's homework
[] Get son ready for school
[] Take son to school
[] Make important phone call
[] Scrub kids’ tub
[] Clean kitchen table and counters
[] Reboot Dishwasher
[] Shine kitchen sink
[] Sweep main level
[] Leave for work at 9:45 am
[] Take Lunch break at 2:00 pm
[] Return to BG workstation at 2:30 pm
[] Pick son up from HW Club at 5:45 pm
[] Spray Shower
[] Type up next day's to do list
[] Set out mouthwash
[] Set alarm
[] In bed before 11pm

Bonus Items:
[] Give son bath before bed to streamline morning routine
[] After dinner cleanup


If I can't do it perfectly, I'll do it anyway. If I can't do it all, I'll do some. If I do nothing, nothing gets done.

"I don't feel like it" is a poor sacrifice for your dreams.

Rexroth 10.21 GMT

Todo today

up prayer, reflection and meditation
wash up and tidy up
prepare work for friend and items for discussion
put on one load of clothes washing
check and email accident report to landlords
go over work with friend and what to do next
email and phone other friend re going out
go out food shopping
rest, I'm very tired
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 17.46 GMT

Getting on but muddled.

Regards Rexroth

Edge's CI - 8:39 AM

X Wake up at 8 AM.
X Breakfast (8:45).
X Shower(9)
X HC (9:20-10:45)
X Laundry.
X Iron clothes.
X Get Graham and Z's books.
X Leave at 11 AM.
X Meet HR and CE.
X Change tax paper (HR).
- Take tax paper to department.
- Pick up cheque. (?)
- Give Ash Dev's CD.
- Find out quickest way to send papers. (Tamara)
- Check with the guys if they want T's Nirvana book and CDs &/or the acoustic.
X Photocopy certificates.
- Photocopy reference letters, magazine artciles (feature+reviews), and passport.
- Check with British Council about certificate verification (Before 3 PM)
- Call old boss F.
- Double-check registration form and finalize.
- Finish cover letter.
- Buy envelope and stamps to send registration papers.
- Call T and update about job situation.
- Clean bathroom.
- Quick room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway