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Coffee - good or bad? What's your opinion?

re:coffee-I wouldn't say I'm addicted but...

I drink one large cup of coffee a day, locally roasted, ground fresh each day by my husband. He brews it in the morning when he gets up for work at 5 a.m., then saves my portion in a thermos for when I get up at...well, whenever. Very rarely, I might have a cup at work, although it tastes pretty bad compared to ours at home, so it's not a big draw. Sometimes we might have a cup of decaf with our supper if we're having something like eggs. I think drinking large amounts of coffee is bad for your health, isn't it - high blood pressure and whatnot? But my experience is that it's OK in moderation, unless I'm just in denial...

What I do fight is the convenience of the Starbucks drive-thru window and how easy this makes it to get a grande latte (or very occasionally, a venti) and accompanying scone/muffin/chocolate covered caramel pretzel. I live in a small town that has a great one-of coffee place that roasts their own beans and bakes their own treats (no drive-thru window). When I heard we were getting a Starbucks in town, I swore I would remain completely loyal to our local coffee shop. But I hadn't counted on the draw that drive-thru window would exert. Whereas I would not take the time to park, get out of the car, walk into the cafe, stand in line, wait for my order, walk back to my car, to get a latte from the local place on my way to work, the Starbucks drive-thru is fast and easy. So, I really have to fight it because it's costing me more money, and I usually get something to eat as well, so I'm eating more. I try to save the latte's for a weekend treat with my husband, or Thurs. nights after I work late.

All that being said, if I had to give up wine or coffee for health reasons or something like that, I'd give up the wine and hang onto the coffee.

And now I must stop. All this talk of coffee and treats is making me want some }:)

mmmmm, love coffee

Coffee has a lot of antioxidants.

Also studies show a correlation between the reduction of diabetes mellitus type 2 in coffee consumers.

Coffee was found to reduce the chances of developing cirrhosis of the liver: the consumption of 1 cup a day was found to reduce the chances by 20%, and 4 cups a day reduced the chances by 80%.

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Coffee good & bad

In college I drank a pot a day, until they told me I had borderline high blood pressure, so I cut it to one cup (the BP has been normal ever since). Then years later, it seemed to me that when I had coffee I became irritable. So I switched to decaf. Then a couple months ago it seemed to me that decaf was irritating my stomach. So now I'm an herbal tea drinker. All that said, and while I don't actually miss coffee, I love coffee.

I like plain ol' coffee

Thought I've tried all kinds of coffee, basic black coffee, unsweetened is still my favortite. I usually buy the "half caffeine" stuff for day to day use. Sometimes I'll find myself drinking it too much, so I'll substitute water or juice, and make only a partial pot of coffee. One way I keep my consumption down when I'm with friends is to just tell them I'm limiting myself to __number of cups, and please help me not to go over, and they're usually good at that. There's a brand of instant coffee from Kenya called Pancaffe, which is the best instant I've ever had. If I'm in Procrastination Mode, no amount of caffeine will make me move, though. As with anything, moderation is probably the best idea. But then again, who's moderate here?