Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 19th July 2013

"I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended."



Clement fri

This mission trip when we talked abt bringing the magic home, for the first time I have a structure that might allow that. I will go back to my daily recovery habits and they will support me.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


Vic 7/19/13

how up (done), exer, plan, follow through. 

No matter how I understand God, I will be grateful that God understands me.(us)(From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie)\


thank you jalla, yes good reminder, i need to keep showing up, climb, rest, climb

Do It Now goals today DONE OR COPIED

A+ SA 

Help Y now 

A - FIND SSN  sunday   Am Sav sun

B+ LAWN  exer 410 750 hisbod bL CB help 

Sock clips 

Refer to NB on J apps update refs on applit and bogota

bal cb 10 mins pay R Esgrau

B - fax   pension blood

Mosh: b test at Dr.   LM

A apps DONE

B- blood LM

Dr G  LM 

tax email  DONE

M shmutter  sent email

B call stein  NOW  LM 

there are no gains without pains

Ben Franklin

KF Check in Friday 19th July 11am

Feeling OK. 11am seems to be the magic time for me to get to my desk unfortunately. It is not good enough, but can be improved.

Having trouble with a sheer variety and number of tasks I have to do. Even when I do some things, I always feel like I should be doing something else. 

Today I have already:


  • Had a good breakfast
  • Had a online chat with a client about the fact there was little work for me today. He did give me some compliments about my work though, which was nice.
  • had a shower
  • put the washing on
Today I will: 
  • Write letter for W DONE DONE DONE
  • Hang washing
  • Pack up docs for C
  • Buy a frying pan (!)
  • Do work for A (late addition) 3 poms done 2/3
  • Do a pom of planning for Silver X implement
  • Thanks and Req proof of address from D of F
  • LoE for Silver
  • Make list to dos for soltr etc
  • Email C abt valuation
  • Have LUNCH
  • Pay in chqs
  • Post paperwork back to C
  • Post letter for W
  • Complete MLR & Prct Lic Pending proof of ID from P and address from F
  • email X to ask about free cert
  • Do 2 poms of study from I book

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank jalla for starting this beautiful trend.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Go to the 6:45 a.m. telephone OA meeting

3. Cook and eat breakfast

4. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

5. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA activity line

6. Take shower

7. Go to the 12 noon telephone ACA meeting

8. Wash dishes

9. Pay bills

10. Do numbers

11. Get medicine ready for the next two weeks

12. Warm up lunch

13. Cook and eat dinner

14. Get dressed

15. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

16. Go to the 9 p.m. telephone OA meeting

17. Go to the 10 p.m. telephone DA meeting

18. Read the EA meditation

19. Go to the taped CLA meeting

Thanks for letting me share

Mole's check in

Thank you jalla - I love sunflowers - they have made me smile during some pretty rough patches. 

A weird hot windy day - supposed to be midwinter. Blaah 

It is now midday, I  have written  this morning but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere- but still, turning up and staying put is a good habit to keep up whatever the dross.

12.30 - lunch with K - will attempt to fling my black cloud into a bin on the way to meet her.

2-3.30 prov with project

buy food - the people who were coming for dinner have had to cancel which gives me much needed breathings space or at least more time to complete the P project. THIS IS A REPRIEVE. USE THAT TIME WISELY.

home put food away 

4.30 -6 work on - no COMPLETE - P project with pom breaks 

cook and eat healthy meal



check in

honour T's work



P project is all but complete - yay 


looked at my emails earlier and seen D's offer.  


my kind supportive CCs 

that the wind has ddropped

that I had a reprieve from the dinner tonight. 

riddled's Friday ToDos

Jalla, thank you for the day starter!

get up 04:30
read 5 pages textbook D in train to work

read 5 pages textbook D in train from work
pack stuff for weekend trip
go swimming