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Edit Option

Hello, everyone :)

I know, this isn't exactly the best kind of introduction thread, but seeing how I'm still adjusting to the forum's layout and system, a bit of help will go a long way in insuring my (and everyone else's) sanity - trust me ;).

So, the editing option. Is it just me, or does the edit option disappear once someone replies to your post? If that's normal, then is there a way I can regain it, or is it gone forever?

disappearing edit

I've been told that. I'd change it if I could, but I don't know if it's configurable, and if it is, where the setting is. :?

That's alright

Ah well, will just find a way around it. Thanks Pro :)

Now that I think about it...'s probably by design. Once someone responds, you want what they are responding to not to change. Sort of makes sense.