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Finally, we are back online!

The datacenter for my Web host went down this morning, and was down all day. Not only were all my Web sites down, ALL EMAIL SENT TO ME TODAY WAS LOST.

The upstream provider says they are working hard to make sure this never happens again - but of course, what else would they say. :(

lost email

Because of today's outage, I lost ALL the email sent to me today, and today I was waiting for email from the many jobs I applied to before Christmas. ALL LOST!! Requests for further info or interview, lost. Response letters of any kind lost.

I'm really upset.


I also extend my sympathy on your frustration and my gratitude that this site exists. I hope you find a solution to your email issue - my humble opinion is that waiting a day or two and then emailing everyone could be a good way to proceed.

lost mail

I was hoping that the lost mail was merely delayed, but it seems it was indeed lost - bounced back to senders who didn't re-send. Some of these were no doubt job prospects. But the job prospect I was most interested in I wrote to, and she said she will be in touch later this week, so all is not lost.

On the plus side, the bounced mail seems to have significantly reduced my spam volume. Spammers remove you from their lists if messages to you bounce.

Sorry to hear that

I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. And I'm sure this is no consolation, but please know that I'm grateful you put the time and effort into maintaining this website for us to use. I hadn't logged on for over a week, so when I tried this morning and couldn't find it, I thought maybe the website no longer existed, and I was very sad, and kept checking and checking and checking....! So thank-you.

Sorry Pro

Hi Pro,

That's really bad luck, don't know what to suggest but thinking of you. Take care Rexroth

I'd be upset too

So sorry to hear that happened to you. My heart sinks just thinking about it. Does it make sense to email the places in a day or two, if you haven't heard anything, to explain the technology glitch and re-confirm your interest?

Reminds me of my fiance's perplexed attitude a few years ago about my using email as a formal means of communication. But now he does too, of course.