Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Back on the Trail in March -aotp

Some big things happening in March. 

February seemed like a lot of survival, and a lot of Pinterest. (Stay away if you can!)

So into March, a priority I definitely would like to focus on:


This may include tasks such as scheduling, using a calendar, making task lists and actually USING them. Committing to any part of this kind of ongoing structure feels like something secretive and dirty that I need to keep from my brain. As soon as I start to think it, my brain starts saying  "what?? you don't need a calendar to be the boss of you! you can remember things that are important! eff that!" But then I crave the freedom and consistency of a more organized and structured lifestyle. 

I'm experiencing oppositional defiant disorder of the self. Some serious subconscious conflicts here...good thing I go to counseling so maybe I can try figure this one out.

I'm back to posting here to keep a record in one place (that I won't lose!), to continue to participate in an awesome community and to encourage myself to reflect on these things in curious, mindful and compassionate way.  

-things I am doing with some regularity: 

practicing meditation, getting up with my alarm and getting to work on time (mostly) Yay!, cultivating awareness of my perfectionistic thoughts and behaviours (very interesting...)

Talk soon,   

:)  allovertheplace

Demand Resistance

I am the queen of Demand Resistance and the worst resistance I face is on self imposed deadlines and task. But I over come the demand resistance by being creative with how I interact with my plans.  Here is a free online resources that I use.

It allows you to build a wall and then you can add notes to the wall. I use it to add task that need to be done. Say I have 15 task. I will add them to the wall and then as I accomplish them I delete them off the wall. It is also usefully if a task has mutiple steps, each time I complete a step I will post it on the stickie.  I find it more encouraging to see what I have done. If you have a task that has 10 steps and I put all 10 task on the note once I remove say 5 of the steps it still looks like you have a lot left to do, so I only add accomplished task then once task is completed I delete the stickie. I am also the type that if I write it down to be done and then if I do not accomplish it with in the time frame that I felt was appropriate then I become discouraged.


Good Luck




re: Demand Resistance

Hi hope-faith, 

Padlet sounds very cool; I will have to try it out. Right now I have blocked myself from the internet with an app called self-control. Everything except for PA is blocked, actually for the next day in order to complete a project. But after that I will check it out. It sounds like a nice visual strategy.

And discouragement- yes, that comes all too easily, doesn't it? I'm trying to be compassionate and kind to myself, especially when that negative voice comes out. (There is a good Ted Talk by Kristin Neff I watched today- prior to the internet blockage- on why it makes sense to be nice to yourself.) That helps me to reason with my unreasonable brain! 

aotp Smile