Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Computers vs people

I would like to ask any members if they find the computer to be a major distraction for them and a reason for their procrastination. I know that having grown up with computers (my first was a Commodore 64) that I have always almost 'hidden' behind them. I'm going through my 'looking back phase' here but they have always been a reason for me to remain stationary and away from society. I used to game but never really had anybody to play with so i'd zone out and chop heads off until the evening! Since then if I haven't been 'learning' about computers i've been sitting in front of them to 'design' web sites and the like. I do it only because I can and I went to design college so I don't like the thought of my education going to waste (another story!) I don't know if really I should be in employment that involves me communicating with people more. I enjoy talking to people on the phone and tend to be spurred on by the environment I am in.

I mention this because yesterday I broke the 'drone' while on the phone to the Samaritans and had a bit of a laugh with person I was talking to. It warmed my heart a little and brought me back to life. I thought if it was around that environment most of the time it would bring me back to life.. a lot!! I am trying too hard to become 'professional' in my work and when it comes down to it I can't stand by it and take criticism very well so i've finally gotten around to thinking -'why should I bang my head against the wall, do something else' Everythings a big leap right now because i've become so reclusive. Theres hesitation and procrastination around evry corner.

Anyway, it's Friday and i'm ashamed to say that after a week of more-or-less nothing the pressure (i have put on myself) is off. I'm booked in to see a counsellor because I figure that any sound board is a start to reliving the burden.

All the best
Have a good weekend


Computers AND People

Both DSO and I have a tendency to be home birds and spend too much time on the computer. He has a particularly bad spell when he got into online gaming, but after a few months he realised how much it was damaging his life and he stopped. He's still a gamer, but he doesn't do online, and he ~does~ meet people IRL for gaming.

I've a tendency to 'research' things on the net, so I strictly limit that time. (I even went through a phase of having a computer free day each week :jawdrop:) I ~do~ spend a fair bit of time on boards, and I did wonder recently whether it was 'too much' time. However, they are of the 'support group' type, and I don't think it's an accident that making good use of the boards has coincided with all the progress I've been making in the last two years, and particularly in 2006. I still have to limit time, and on one board I also limit what threads I check (too much choice!). So there are pros and cons, but for me my main use of the computer is as a way of communicating with people. I have something bordering on phone phobia so without Email and boards my communication with other people would be more limited. I do work with people in my job, though, so my situation is different from yours.