Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday, 15th January 2013

Good Morning Anti-Procrastination Warriors. So many of us are having a hard time getting back into our workable rituals, I just want to wish us all strength in our endeavours.


oops, posted wrong place, please ignore


You have email.


Vic 1/15/13

Show up (done), plan, exer

Grateful to have a place to practise consistency.

clement ci - day 67 attempting abstinence

8:23am : It's been ... [ never finished this post ]

12:55pm : it's been 1 min since i last went off plan. And i got up early and have been off plan nearly all morning. Very sad.

:) ci
:) quiet time
r task
s task
:) call phone company
:) MIT big huge task

2:17pm : that took 1h 22min just to do my quiet time. But i got distracted and did not have the motivation to keep going. But something came to me as i was doing my thanksgivings : i do not have the ability to depend on God. I am "addicted" to depending on myself. I can't change that. But what came to me was this : just keep moving forward and watch how GOD changes ME to depend on him. He is worthy and powerful and faithful to achieve it.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


RisingUp Check-In 1/15


Do hosp. project 

Work 6 [2 done]

Start job app

T. project: at least $50 very early/late in day [so far $110 done]


Do 2 hours daily of outstanding project: due Friday

Start lists: agencies/BBB/CofC

UA/DA mtg

Walk 1/2 hour 

1/2 hr stretching 

1/2 hour toning


Keep track of: water, meals, supplements, breathing

Lit/Insp. Reading 

gotmusikk's Tuesday

Thank you Mole! Very thoughtful of you. :-)  I have no idea how much I'll be able to get done today since I'll be gone for a large portion of it (teaching), but it's a good anchor to keep checking in here and trying anyways.

Progress, not perfection.
Consistency over emergencies.
Do the thing that feels healthy, not "shouldy" or escapist.


Check-in @ P.A.
Process my inbox completely

meditate 15 mins.

Complete 1 cycle of 15 minutes each of:
-- dishes
-- back exercise/practice
-- massage

1pm - 8pm Teach @ ISM

If there’s time after I complete what’s listed above, I will select 2 activities and cycle them in 15 minute bursts.

Things I did well today:

Things I can improve on:

3 things I’m grateful for:


"Do I prefer to grow up and relate to life directly, or do I choose to live and die in fear?"

-- Pema Chodron

AOTP January 15, 2013

1. open report  

2. check in 

3. review follow up steps listed

4. check in

5. VM- just listen and log for 1, add actions to follow ups for today

6. check-in 

7. EM- just view and log for 1, add actions to follow ups for today

8. check-in 

9. follow up with P

10. check-in 


  • Thanks mole - i like that anti procrastinator warriors!Cool Hope you have a good day and thanks for the starter
  • tidy 
  • readings
  • laundry
  • recipts type and print
  • application form fill in and send
  • write letter oc2 and send
  • health food shop
  • call sponsor
  • write in journal
  • articles read and notes
  • pool and gym 

Journey 7:30

Happy Tuesday! 

Was very busy over the weekend and yesterday with work stuff.   Today I am working from home half a day and taking the afternoon off.   I'm tired but I need to focus this morning and then I can rest this afternoon. 

Right now I am going to exercise, have a healthy breakfast, and be back with todo list by 9.   CYA 

Let your purpose rule your day - Steve Chandler

jay's tuesday 15 january 2013

thank you mole, am getting there

to do

pick up prescription

do some more work on happiiness programme, print out worksheets to aid concentration

work on pre decisions

Mole's Check-in

This morning- having to break down thoughts and threads so that they are not so knotted. Also determined to get back into a routine of expectation for each day of the week.

several pages of notes made, and some cork-boarding to straighten things out.

now it is lunch time - healthy lunch. I am bored with my llunch repetoire.

2. Massage - lucky me, no responsibility for over and hour.

walk if not too hot - otherwise later.

make plans for rest of week 

Weekly feed back to CC and Reflect on CC questions for tonight.

clean out fridge/freezer and put out stuff with the rubbish. Allow an hour- 5-6, listen to a podcast

Eat healthily

bring in washing and put it away 

prepare for conference call.

9- 10 call

epsom bath

bed at 11.