Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


Hello all,

I have just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself and give a little information about me and the issues that I have


I am a part time phd student in the UK.

I find it hard to "sit down" and work despite the fact that I have plenty of time in which to study. I think that is part of the problem. As I feel I have so much time and I don't use it weeks can pass with me doing anything which makes me feel guilty and sad.

I have a terrible habit of planning to start something and then not...weeks passing and then beating myself up with "well if you had started 2 weeks ago you could have had a better go at, had more time etc" this puts me off working and so the cycle repeats. I then envisage having to do work that I had planned would take a month crammed into 2 weeks. Because of this I try to do to much in a short space or time and give up / use it as an excuse not to bother. A self- fulfilling proficy.

Because I study on my own and don't often work I don't have the ability to talk to problems through and I lose perspective....what is actually a little problem or a small bit of work becomes massive and "undoable"


In other areas of my life I put off doing even little things like opening the post..replying to emails, then when I do do it I berate myself as it wasn't that hard and why did I make such a fuss about it.

I need to find a part time job / short term contract but put that off, frightened I might be turned down for even the most mundane jobs (I won't but I make excuses not to apply)


I use the anger and frustration that I have at having had the time to do things and not done them to put me off starting doing them. I am always beating myself up over something.


I hope that in joining this forum I can put some perpective back into mylife and start to enjoy doing things in a relaxed and productive way


I would love to get an accountability partner and will post in the appropriate section.


many thanks 



Welcome macphd!

Glad you have found this site. :) I'm sure that many, including myself, can relate to your post. Working in isolation has been hard for me too, but being able to come here has made a big difference, especially the chat box and online meetings.

Hello findingaway, many

Hello findingaway,

many thanks for you post..much appreciated.